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Fantasy Wars 4


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Sound the alarm, scream you war cries, it's time for...


Clarkey was the winner of FW3, the Lucky War, and has proudly bore the Golden Clover ever since.

Well, it's baseball season officially, and we're going to kick it off by creating a *shuffles papers, looks down, drops jaw* a hockey uni?!? Yes, a hockey uni (to commemorate something the people of this board celebrate more than Opening Day, beginning of the Stanley Cup playoffs). :hockeysmiley:

You shall create hockey's Atlantic City Gamblers. Colors are blue (any shade), orange (Denver Bronco orange), and white. Deadline is Saturday, April 10th at 7:00pm CST.

Note: All entries must be in one file (to make voting easier)

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Would anyone be terribly disappointed if made black a part of the color scheme? It's tough to make blue, deep orange, and white looks good together without making black a prominent color.

Get back on whether this is acceptable or not, please.

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Okay, the acceptable colors are...

Any shade of blue (two optional), Denver Bronco orange, and white. I've already made one change to the rules, and that's all I'm going to do. I do realize it's tough making these colors look good, but teams have done it before (Denver Broncos, Detroit Tigers, Edmonton Oilers' old unis, New York Knicks, Florida Gators). This is supposed to be a challenge, not a free ride.

Note: I'm certainly not coming down on anybody, I'm just stating the rules. :hockeysmiley:

P.S. Newmaniac, those are sa-weet! Great job. :grin:

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Comments/ questions/ critiques/ hate mail are all appreciated. Except for the hate mail. I give you your Atlantic City Gamblers. My apologies for the poor image quality, but I had to save in MS Paint. Ewwwww.


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