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A Special Message For Jqk


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Joel, I do believe Mr. Fuse here has "Sycophant of the Year" anchored... :D

I couldn't agree more. He simply could not have done more. He's a brilliant young man with a terrific eye for comedy. Well done Mr. Fuse, I salute you!

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I just wanna know how you kept a straight face making that...

its hallarious!

You can make one, too...just change the "john.king" in the URL to whatever name you want. It's that easy! But wait, there's more! (No there isn't, just thought I'd go with the infomercial thing for a while)

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I don't know wether to laugh, cry, or vomit.......

Very nice fuse.... Very Nice....

can't you do all?

I think you can.... :lol::cry::puke:

Actually, as one comedian pointed out (don't remember who), vomiting is about the only bodily function that totally takes control of your body. You can't do anything else when you're puking. You can't even think of anything else except, "Oh f--k, I'm puking!" It's true. Try it some time. :P

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