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Omaha UFL announces team name, colors


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Coach Jeff Jagodzinski has announced on KOZN-AM that the team's name will be the "Omaha Knighthawks," and that the team's colors will be black, silver, and white.

Jagodzinki also alluded to a "Zombie Appreciation Night" at a Knighthawks home game, as a nod to the online movement which attempted to name the team the Zombies.

As was the case in Sacramento, Omaha's team has selected a name which was not one of the given options in its "Name The Team" contest.

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Well, I like the naming tribute to the F-117, but minor point of order to the coach: That bird is not sleek, has a max speed of Mach 0.92, and actually gives you better aerodynamic performance flying backwards.

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