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Nitroseed's Name That Logo! (encore) -04/16/04


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Alright guys, since the first contest was pretty much over before a lot of you got a chance to see it, I'm giving you a second turn for today! Here are the boundaries for this logo, and the first image of the set:


Mark Type: Primary, Secondary, Alternate, or Wordmark

Era: Used within the last five (5) years

Deadline: April 18, 11:59pm EST

Color has been removed to prevent giving it away.

When you guess, you must state the team name and which mark this is, i.e. Edmonton Oilers, Secondary Logo. Or if you prefer, just post a small image of the logo you are referring to, instead of saying which logo it is. Totally up to you.


And just to make things interesting, I'll keep a running score of who has guessed the most logos correctly! So far, the score is:

Roger Clemente - 1

Everyone else - 0

Good luck with this one! :D

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May I reccomend when keeping score, you do a plus minus system? Every wrong guess is a minus, every right a plus? Next to that score you can put how many total they've gotten right in () I guess. Or you could just do a correct/guesses.

Well, for the sake of simplicity, I only want to keep track of who's gotten them right and how many times. Not to mention it would start looking like a golf scoreboard... :) Roger Clemente at -7, STL at -12...

EDIT: Oh, and since I'm posting, no, it's not the Hawks' Pac-Man logo. :) And besides, the era says it was used in the last five years.

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That sucks...I had narrowd it down to one of these and then boom. Not only was I completely wrong, but someone else actually got it right already.

Don't worry. I'm having a hard time too. My eyes are getting sore.... :wacko::blink::Oo:

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I was hacking around tonight, and most of you dont have anything interesting on your hard drives... (except JQK, ...I didn't know you were into goat play)

Anyway, I found tomorrow's guess the logo.



any era

any mark

It only got a LITTLE harder, right?

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