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NFC Helmets


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With the football season coming up, I thought it would cool to look and see what teams have worn in the past to see what came before the current helmets they wear now.

I decided to use Davidson's amazing Photoshop helmets to show these off.

NFC East










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i think the 49ers are a little out of order at the end

No it's just missing the newest one which was released before last season is all. These all look pretty good but I think you need to take a look at the perspectives on some of them, there are a few that look really off.


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I personally think that all of them look small and/or distorted. I love that you're trying to do these, but maybe play around with the template a little more and tweak some stuff before you do any more teams. I can't really explain what, but something definitely looks off on the helmet decal placement and size.


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Yes, most of your logos are warped very strangely and are too small. Many of your stripes are not the proper width, either. You're also missing a few helmets as well.

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I think most have noticed the skew is wrong. You'll want to sheer them at another angle, looks like you did it vertically, when you may want to try at an angle. I assume playing with it for a short time will fix this minor misstep. Otherwise a very cool resource.

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