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Adidas Tech Fit Realistic Template


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looks great. nice template.

is 'hoosiers' spelt wrong there.

Ha thanks for pointing that out, for some reason I always mess up the spelling of that word.

Looking forward to trying this out

Thanks for sharing

Your welcome, im looking forward to see what people can do with it. So post what you come up with when your finished.

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looks really nice, unfortunatly i cant use it(paint user here) but im actually starting to like, more and more, what adidas is doing in football so i might make a template for paint. but anways great job as always

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Well, I thought I'd throw something together for the first adidas team that came to mind: Tennessee. I just saw your Miami Ohio concept, and this is fairly similar. Tennessee uses this jersey model already, but it is just solid colors.

I rushed the pants a bit, but I just wanted to try the template out (and I love it). Great work.



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Looks pretty good. I was thinking of doing the same thing with this photo. I thought that the head should be decreased in size a tiny bit to make it more proportional to the body (this guy is obviously smaller than most D1 football players, which makes his head/helmet look very large).

Also, put a tiny drop shadow on those numbers so they don't look so digital. Make them look sewn on!.

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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