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Hey Guys,

I haven't done a whole lot lately, and everything I've done I've kind of stopped half way through. Im hoping that will change with this little project.

Basically its a personal baseball league, across Canada, 2 teams per province, 1 per territory. Each team has a home, away, alternate jersey, and a primary, alternate, and main cap logo.

Its called the MPBL, which is Major Provincial Baseball League, as well as doubling for my personal baseball league.

Baseball isn't really my forte, so Im hoping I can learn from you guys throughout this series. I dont have a league logo, but I'll do one along with other teams.

Anyways, heres the first team, the Whistler Wild.

// Whistler, B.C.


I kinda felt like doing a wolf logo, and i thought it tied in nicely to this whole identity, which I've dubbed the Wild. The primary is just a profile view of a wolf, with some tan/brown highlights. I hope you guys like the color scheme, I wanted it to be a bit different. The alternate is a wolf howling at the moon/baseball, with mountains in the foreground.

The cap logo is just a simple beveled W W.

With the jerseys, I just tried to create something I thought worked. I hope I got everything right with the jerseys, and hopefully you guys like them.




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The wolf logo is lacking something. I'd like to see more definition in it, especially around the eyes. I'd also like to see more of an expression of its face.

As for the uniforms and wordmark, it's a nice font you'd chosen, but it's a script font, and no script font is designed to be used in all caps. If you keep this font, use sentence case (e.g. "Whistler" instead of "WHISTLER"). But I would say, with the nameplates, use a different font.

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Alright, heres a completely new direction with the primary. I feel as if its better, but it still needs some work. Does anyone think the ears are too big?


You could make the ears smaller. They're not bad, though.

The wolf also looks less fierce than your previous logo. It's still a good job overall.

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I like where you're going here, but there are quite a few things I would change.

First the logos. Your new wolf logo is really good, and I think it would work. It isn't very fierce, but this is baseball, which isn't the fiercest sport. For the cap logo I would just use one W...it's too crowded and awkward looking with two Ws.

Now the jerseys. First, I would move the number below the wordmark on the front. It just looks better that way. Also, I would make the sleeve and pant stripes a little thinner, mainly because it crowds the sleeve logo. Finally, on the alternate jersey I would take away the sleeve stripe, since teams don't usually put stripes on an undershirt.

Other than that, I like the color scheme, which is really unique, and I like where you're going with this.

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Alright, moving on...

... Coquitlam Tribe

/ / Coquitlam , B.C.

I went and researched Coquitlam, and first thing that popped out to me was that the original peoples were the Coast Salish aboriginal peoples. I don't mean this too be offensive as there have been issues with nicknames like Indians in the sporting world recently, but it's just a concept, so it shouldn't be bad. I like the nickname "Tribe" and thats why I chose it instead of Indians or Chiefs or something like that. The colors and alternate were derived from a picture I got from google about the Coast Salish peoples.


With the primary, I wanted to do something different than an Indian Chief with a headdress. I guess I didn't stray too far, but I went with a skull. I thought it related to Tribe better, plus I think it looks cooler ^_^ . The logo isn't related to either my old Bradenton Pirates logo, or the Chiefs concept Davidson did with that. I honestly didn't even use those as a reference, but the picture I did use reminded me of it.

The main cap came while I was designing the primary. The shape of the eye I had on the skull turned out looking like a C, so i thought I'd try it out as a cap logo . Hopefully you guys think it works, if not I'll do something different.

For the alternate, I took a picture I found, and kind of turned the painting into a logo. Thats pretty much were the bird like carving logo came from.

For the jerseys, I wanted to use my unique color scheme and make it stand out. I used the salmon color more than any other on the home, and hopefully it stands out. Not much to say about the other jerseys, and the wordmark was just something I thought went with the feathers in the primary. Sorry about using the # 0, but for some reason the font Im using doesnt have numbers, and im not the greatest at designing custom letters, so I just went with the zero.




Thanks for checking it out, hope you guys like.

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Those are REALLY sweet! I love the logos, colors, and jersey design, and it's really well done. The only thing I'm not sure about is how the sleeve stripes would come to a point in the middle...I don't know if you were going for that or not, but it might look better if you flipped the design so it's curved upward in the middle.

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To be honest, I saw davidson's "The Chiefs" idea right away, partially because I was looking through his great portfolio just the other day. But now that I went back and compared the two, there are some significant differences, however I still think that you should alter this guy's position a bit, add some character, just to avoid any rip-offs.

I am fairly impressed with the package overall, I feel I know your designing pretty well as we've collaborated two or three times before, and I can see that you're improving.

On the other hand, there are some skills that could still use some polishing.

I think you get the idea of simplifying some aspects of an 'idea' (I guess you could say, or a reference), but you could still get better. The feathers all have that jagged edge to them, with some ends cutting in and out. As you can see, this greatly impacted your outline, and it's taking away from the crisp clean feel from the logo. I think dgnmrwrw covered it well when he pointed it out to me, he tried to tell me that you want your outline clean and smooth, go completely custom with the outline if you have to (rather than using the standard computer-generated strokes. I mainly see this issue with the front of the face where you have many divits and ridges, and you could easily smooth this one out.

One thing that I did notice is your creative approach; I really liked the idea of using that custom 'C' from the eye of the skull, I actually think it would look perfect. However, it didn't look like it transferred too well to the hat, and I was kind of dissapointed with that. I would've just copied the shape completely and paste it on the hat, just scale it up to fit it. Also, I'd get rid of the pesky shadowing and such, just stick with a plain white C on the cap. Other than that, I think the bird was really creative as well, not somthing I would quickly associate with a Native, I find it pretty cool. The rendering fits the style I think, so I would both much with that.

Your uniforms are a bit wacky; I know you're not much of a baseball fan, but pant stripes are generally extremely thin, like stitching, so this wide striping is a bit out-of-place. I do like the sleeve piping though, but again I'd thin it out a bit.

All in all, it's getting there, just keep at it, C-Fish. Nice work so far.

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I love the caps on these but I'm not to sure about the primary.

Me, neither. It's kind of very racist. -_-

How is making a logo with a native's head racist?

Look at the teeth!

yeah, it's a skull....

Alright, fine. I'm still not very fond of it as a logo, though. The uniforms and secondary logos are fantastic. Keep up the good work.


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  • 2 weeks later...

Sorry for the long wait, heres team #3. I'll probably make some small updates to the Tribe and post them in the first post, but I wanted to see what you guys think of this.

So, team #3, the Olds Osprey.

Osprey really doesn't relate to Olds, but I thought it sounded cool, and im sure there are osprey in olds somewhere ^_^ Kind of a lame reason, but I just picked it because it sounded good. The primary is a flying osprey bird. I found a picture that I thought made it look, i dont know, majestic i guess, and i went with that as inspiration. I'm still kind of stuck on the highlights on the wings, but I haven't been able to do anything better with it, so im turning it over to you guys.


The alternate logo is something that just kind of came to be, as I was working on ideas. It might look kind of ridiculous, but I thought it was minor-league appropriate. Im anxious to hear what you guys have to say about it, I want to know how it came out. The cap logo is a simple beveled o with a wing in the top left.

The home and away jerseys are fairly simple. The script has the winged O in both, and their both beveled as well. C Jay pointed out that baseball stripes are generally thin, and im wondering if the striping I have on these jerseys is too thick? Im new to this, so any help is appreciated. For the alternate, im not sure if something like this would actually be done, but I thought it looked different.




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