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Quick Blue Jackets Alt Logo I whipped up


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I watched the Columbus Blue Jackets game tonite and it forced me to make my own logo for the third jerseys. I think Columbus really missed a great opportunity to solidify their brand with the unveiling of the new logo and jersey. First I like the striping and old school feel of the jerseys. I think instead of dark they should have went light blue with dark blue and grey stripes(no cream off white). I actually like the block numbers so I made a logo to complement the 'squareness'. I'm not a jersey designer so I'll leave that up to someone else. The cannon logo is not a logo but more like an illustration. I don't like the idea of using the cannon. It was a devestating weapon used in the war between the states. I think Columbus needs to stay away from that stuff. I used a civil war style font letter "C" with the union cap hanging from it. The cap is in Columbus' identity but it takes a backseat.

Enough soapbox. Let me know what you think.



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Thanks for the comment CFish. You were right, the cap did need to be bigger. To change it up I made the "C" 3-dimensional. What do you think, yea or nay?


First logo looked great and this one looks even better. You should take the concept further and create the ideal alternate you were talking about in your orginal post. Great work though!

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it is an amazing logo! i think with the jersey i attached, you'll have to swap the dark and light blue on the logo for it to look best.



NO BABY BLUE!!! :cursing:

On September 20, 2012 at 0:50 AM, 'CS85 said:

It's like watching the hellish undead creakily shuffling their way out of the flames of a liposuction clinic dumpster fire.

On February 19, 2012 at 9:30 AM, 'pianoknight said:

Story B: Red Wings go undefeated and score 100 goals in every game. They also beat a team comprised of Godzilla, the ghost of Abraham Lincoln, 2 Power Rangers and Betty White. Oh, and they played in the middle of Iraq on a military base. In the sand. With no ice. Santa gave them special sand-skates that allowed them to play in shorts and t-shirts in 115 degree weather. Jesus, Zeus and Buddha watched from the sidelines and ate cotton candy.

POTD 5/24/12POTD 2/26/17


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