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These are just ones I currently still have. Didn't list ones from when I was a kid and grew out of or just no longer have for whatever reason:


Stealing Jsto's format:



Team Years Active Colour Special  NOB
Mighty Ducks of Anaheim 1993-2006



Buffalo Sabres                           2007-2010          White                                                       9 Roy

Detroit Red Wings                      19??-2007          Red

Detroit Red Wings                      2008-Pres           White                                                 C 5 Lidstrom 

Detroit Red Wings                      2008-Pres           Red                                                  A 40 Zetterberg

Detroit Red Wings                      2009                   White                  Winter Classic        A 13 Datsyuk

Detroit Red Wings                      2014                   Red                     Winter Classic        A 13 Datsyuk




Years Active Colour Special  NOB

Arizona Cardinals                       1996-2004          White                                                      81 Boldin

Arizona Cardinals                       2005-Pres           White                                                      81 Boldin

Carolina Panthers                       2002-Pres          Blue                     Alternate                     89 Smith

Cincinnati Bengals                      2004-2011          Black                                                       85 Johnson

Dallas Cowboys                          2004-2012          Blue                    Throwback                  31 Williams

Denver Broncos                         1985-1990          Orange                                                   7 Elway

Minnesota Vikings                      1974-1979          Purple                                                     10 Tarkenton

Minnesota Vikings                      1969-1979          White                                                      28 Rashad

Minnesota Vikings                      1985-1995          Purple                 35th Anny Patch          80 Carter

Minnesota Vikings                      1996-2005          Purple                 40th Anny Patch          80 Carter

Minnesota Vikings                      1996-2005          White                                                      11 Culpepper

Minnesota Vikings                      2006-2011          White                                                      26 Winfield

Minnesota Vikings                      2006-2011          Purple                                                     28 Peterson

Minnesota Vikings                      2006-2011          Purple                                                     87 Berrian

Minnesota Vikings                      2006-2011          White                  50th Anny Patch          69 Allen

Minnesota Vikings                      2006-2011          White                                                      28 Peterson

Minnesota Vikings                      2013-Pres          White                                                      22 Smith

Minnesota Vikings                      2013-Pres          Purple                                                     28 Peterson

San Diego Chargers                   2007-2011         Powder Blue         Alternate                    21 Tomlinson

Seattle Seahawks                       2009                  Lime Green          Alternate                    59 Curry




Years Active Colour Special  NOB

Houston Astros                           1997-1999          Navy                    Batting Practice           7 Biggio

San Diego Padres                      1997-2003          Navy                    Batting Practice           19 Gwynn

Seattle Mariners                         1993-2014         White                   20th Anny/50th Jackie 24 Griffey

St. Louis Cardinals                     1980-198?          Powder Blue                                            1 Smith

St. Louis Cardinals                     1979                   Powder Blue                                            20 Brock

St. Louis Cardinals                     1999-Pres           White                                                       5 Pujols

St. Louis Cardinals                     1999-Pres           White                   2011 Champs patch    4 Molina 

Tampa Bay Devil Rays               1998-2000          Black                    Batting Practice           12 Boggs




Years Active Colour Special  NOB

Charlotte Hornets                       1989-1996          Teal                                                         1 Bogues

Chicago Bulls                              1995-1997          Black                   Alternate                     23 Jordan

Dallas Mavericks                         2004-2009          Green                 Alternate                     41 Nowitzki

Philadelphia 76ers                      1994-1997          White                                                       3 Iverson

Philadelphia 76ers                      2009-2015          White                                                       21 Young


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Here goes...



Chicago Blackhawks Red - Jeremy Roenick

Chicago Blackhawks Red - Duncan Keith

Chicago Blackhawks '09 Winter Classic - Patrick Sharp

Chicago Blackhawks '09 Winter Classic - Jonathan Toews

Chicago Blackhawks White - blank

Chicago Blackhawks Red - blank

Toronto Maple Leafs '07 Era Edge - Blue 

Toronto Maple Leafs 1980's - Blue

Mighty Ducks of Anaheim 1990's - Eggplant

Los Angeles Kings Current - Black 

Los Angeles Kings Early 00's - Black/Purple

Los Angeles Kings Gretzky Era - White



Chicago Cubs - Kerry Wood authentic - Home white

Chicago Cubs - 1980's - Ryne Sandberg - Blue

Chicago Cubs - Current Blue Alternate blank

Chicago Cubs - Home white blank


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The NFL jerseys are all authentics other than a Tampa Bay 1978 white mesh Wilson (it's game worn). The hockey sweaters are game worn minor and NHL. I have 5 more boxes to unpack, (approx. 180 jerseys in the boxes to go with the 100 plus on the racks: we just moved last week.) all game worn NHL. First started collecting while others collected cards in the late 80's early 90's when you could still buy from trainers/equipment managers. Ended up meeting the late Pat Quinn who had one of the best collections I've ever seen. I've slowed down considerably since the Meigray takeover and the fact that compared to Ultrafil the Reebok jerseys and their bastard sons just suck. My favorite is a game worn Lecavalier Notre Dame Hounds jersey as well as my Stumpy Thomas Leafs jersey behind the bar.



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I might post some pictures later; but here goes:  Braylon Edwards, Browns (brown, before they muffed it up with the "Cleveland" wordmark); Trent Edwards, Bills (blue throwback that was worn when they used the mainly mono-chrome combo); Roy Williams, Cowboys (blue double-star throwback that got taken out of commission thanks to the one-helmet rule); Anthony Dixon, Mississippi State(maroon from 2009, Dan Mullen's first season in Starkville).

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On ‎10‎/‎5‎/‎2016 at 9:48 AM, C-Squared said:

I have spent a few years widdling down my once 100-piece jersey collection and dropped a few absolute gems in the process... my favorite was my Dominik Hasek red alternate Sabres jersey, only available the last half of his last year in Buffalo... couldn't say no to a $300 offer!



Out of curiosity, but where do you have success in selling your jerseys?  I have a few to move from my collection soon.

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I am 18 and currently developing my jersey collection, i have reached about 15 from my favorite teams in the 4 major sports. However as i continue to grow my collection i have reached a point where there are jerseys from other teams that i find either stunning or iconic, (like the new penguins jerseys, the orange oilers alternates, kobe etc.) however i find myself having a moral debate as to whether or not i should get those jerseys as they are amazing but i would feel like a bandwagon fan if i did... Opinions?

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