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Wafflebowl Ii Voting


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Arrighty then, it's time to vote for the winner of WaffleBowl II. The entrants are, in order of entry...

To vote, rank the entrants from 1-3, one being the best and three being the third best. Voting ends on WaffleBowl Sunday, 5/2, at 11:59PM. You may not vote for yourself (instead, just vote for your top two if you entered).

Get it? Got it? Good.

Thanks to everyone who participated and happy voting!

EDIT: If you voted before I corrected my massive-ass blunder, please edit your vote (or vote again) to take Obiwantok's entry into consideration. If you edit, indicate that you have done so. Thanks, and sorry.

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I made a big-time omission.

I forgot to include obiwantok's entry.

If you voted already, please vote again or edit your previous post (and indicate you've done so) taking Obiwantok into consideration. Only votes that have been edited or cast after this post will be counted. Voting will still be by top-3

My apologies.

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all of em are nice, but i can only pick three.

3rd...rozilla...at least ya got rid of the pig's snout and gave it a deer's nose :D

2nd...Pitt Utd...what can i say, dude looks like Juvenile :hockeysmiley:

1st...obiwantok...we'll let 'im bring his rifle next time

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This topic is now closed to further replies.

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