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Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim Tweak


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Thanks for the feedback everyone.

Here is something for you to chew on...Let's say, in a perfect world, the Angels drop 'Anaheim' from their name and go with just 'Los Angeles'. Which versions below would you like to see worn?


In a perfect world they would drop the Los Angeles and go back to Anaheim. However, if retard, excuse me. Arte Moreno doesn't do that I would much rather the name be Los Angeles. However that would be in name only and the words Los Angeles should never be seen on the jerseys. After the move from LA to ANAHEIM, both home and away had only the Angels on it, until the 90's.

But I will say that your hat looks great, and I wish they'd adopt it, even if it is only an alt

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It's probably because I'm young and know the Angels primarily as being from Anaheim, but "Los Angeles Angels" just doesn't stick with me. "California", sure.

Also, The Los Angeles Angels would be The The Angels Angels. Just sayin'. </off topic>

I love these concepts, and #3 is the best of your most recent set, I think. I also really like how you managed to incorporate the current convoluted name into your first set - it works better than that name deserves ;) . And you also get kudos for putting a location name on the road jerseys regardless - should be that way for all teams. If I had to give constructive feedback... have you tried pairing blue piping with the red? And the point someone else brought up earlier about the patches on both sleeves is valid, I think - makes it feel cluttered.

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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