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I made the logo below for a sim baseball team of mine. I am now trying to make home uniforms for the team similar to the Nationals 2010 home unis. I am using AI CS2 but, am very unfamiliar with using templates. Can anyone point me towards a tut or lend some advice? I'm not opposed to someone taking a stab at it but, I'd like to learn how too.


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looks really good, the only suggestion I have is to make the handle of the hammer thing look more like the end of a baseball bat, just to tie it in a little bit.

Good idea!!!

As far as uniforms, all I can think is the Phillies mid to late 70s, pinstripe and the all burgundy - which I loved!!!

BTW, great logo!!

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I appreciate the comments, but I'm really just looking for a good baseball jersey template and help with making the jersey. Specifically, how to apply stripes to the sleeves and collar and how to wrap the logo on the sleeve.

What do you need help with exactly?

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