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While hunting something down on the web, I ran across an amazing sports photo archive. Three words. Go...there...now. I'm only halfway through the first page and have already seen Hank Aaron as a Milwaukee Brave in color, a seamstress with racks of jerseys behind her with Pete Rose's and Johnny Bench's jerseys at the end, a closeup of a Cincinnati Red with a Baseball Centennial 1839-1939 patch (so close you can almost make out the stitching), a color closeup of former Giant Don Herrmann so sharp you can see a wrinkle in the 'y' of his 'ny' decal, and a college all-star game sideline shot of Joe Namath, a coach I think is Sid Gillman, and another player I believe to be Leroy Jordan. Teams featured range from the Quantico Marines to the San Diego Conquistadors and just about everybody else and every league you can imagine.

Yeah, I'm gushing like a Bieberette but seriously, for uni freaks like us it's that good.

One of my favorites, though I'm not a basketball fan, is an action shot of who I presume to be the Lakers playing somebody called the Royals. The 'Los' in Los Angeles is almost comically jammed up into the part of the jersey that goes up over the shoulder.

It's not organized in any way - an old (looks like 19th century) pic of the St. Ignatius baseball team is followed immediately by a color head shot of Crazy Legs Hirsch in his Rams helmet - but that almost adds to its appeal. You never know what's coming next. It's a remarkable mix of locker room, equipment manager, posed, action, and candid shots. Enjoy!

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I don't know why this hit me at this particular time, but I've always thought that Monte Towe looked remarkably like Balok from "The Corbomite Maneuver":



(Played by Ron Howard's little brother Clint.)

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Does this 1920s shot affect anything in your analysis of the Dodgers' B?


The holes of the B are not circles; and there is no notch.

Do you think this does anything to partially legitimise the Mitchell & Ness / Cooperstown Collection logo, at least in terms of the loops in the B resembling backwards C's?


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I don't know why this hit me at this particular time, but I've always thought that Monte Towe looked remarkably like Balok from "The Corbomite Maneuver":


that's not exactly the most heterosexual picture ever taken

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Indians in pinstripes just looks soooo wrong.

They were wearing pinstriped uniforms when I went to my first Indians game back in 1970. They looked completely normal at the time. B)

Also, Lights Out needs to see this...


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How great is this? Damn I miss the ABA.


And how. Staying with the ABA, here is a great Nets shot, featuring players both in the home uniform (Rick Barry) and the road uniform (Walt Simon, Jim Ard).


This shot must be from a photo shoot during the pre-season of 1970-71, which was the first season with the Nets for Barry and for Ard. And it must have been taken before Simon (who was never a teammate of Barry's or Ard's) was traded to Kentucky.

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Here's a WTF I'm surprised nobody posted. It looks like they used tape or something to try and make the '5' on the front an '8' (note sleeve #).


How funny is this? I knew that looked like the early 70's Saints but didn't remember a #11 from then. Since it didn't occur to me to look in the pic properties (many of the subjects' names are in the file name), I searched their all-time roster and found CB Bivian Lee wore 11. In fact, the card has to be from the same shoot:


NOB = 'name on bottom' (guy at far right):


Check out Michigan's socks (and helmet on ground)...


More awesome socks...


The Redskins need to use these as throwbacks, right down to the hiphugger pants.


The guy at far left looks familiar. Babe something-or-other, right? B)


Great Browns sleeve patch.


Didn't we solve this mystery once? It's some kind of all-star game and didn't OJ have to borrow a jersey? Seems weird they'd happen to have a #32 though, doesn't it?


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What's a future SB MVP and NFL Hall of Famer look like?


Sorry guys, the pants haven't come in yet...


It's not He Hate Me but pretty cool nonetheless. I saw Pistol Pete with the Jazz in the Superdome. Good times.


Didn't know the Cubs used the Reds-style 'C' (sleeve patch):


One of Coach Hannibal Lecter's best proteges.


Stickum, boys.


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Since OJ is sitting on a painted AFC helmet they probably just borrowed San Diego's uniforms for practice instead of ordering cheap practice jerseys for one game. I believe they are practicing at Balboa Stadium aren't they?

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I wish they had a little explanation for each picture, for like 75% of these pictures I am having trouble making heads or tails on who I am looking at.

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