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MetLife Stadium

Dexter Morgan

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MetLife eyes the Meadowlands

In talks for stadium naming rights worth $17M annually

By Terry Lefton, Staff Writer

Published June 27, 2011

MetLife is in advanced discussions with New Meadowlands Stadium to upgrade its corner sponsorship at the year-old facility to a full naming-rights deal.

A source close to the deal described the negotiations as “very advanced, but not complete.”

Other sources familiar with the matter emphasized that while a deal to name the home of the New York Jets and Giants, and the site of the 2014 Super Bowl, MetLife Stadium was not finalized, discussions have progressed enough that those inquiring about naming rights in the last month have been told that they were not available, though a cornerstone sponsorship could be. Several sources said MetLife is paying about $7 million a year for its cornerstone deal, and that the naming-rights package being considered would average between $17 million and $18 million a year.

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JetBlue Stadium would of been a better name.

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MetLife would have been a good name for Citi Field. However it is a good name for any NY area stadium. Now they can get a Snoopy Tie in, which is always cool.

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MetLife's been a NYC financial institution for a long time, so I'm liking where this is heading in terms of picking a good name for the stadium. Though, anything to remove the "New Meadowlands Stadium" moniker's (it should've been renamed to Meadowlands Stadium by now) fine with me. And as Tank said, Snoopy! :grin:

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If there isn't a huge cutout of Snoopy lying on the top of the stadium, it's a wasted opportunity.



doesn't MetLife advertise during NFL games? While it's one thing to have the corporate name on the stadium, it's another to have the corporate's mascot and advertising program affiliated with it too, because people will associate Snoopy with just the Giants and Jets, preventing them from advertising it for the whole league.

Look at other branded arenas/stadiums that also have strong advertising characters...

Take Progressive Field in Cleveland. No sign of Flo.

Verizon Wireless Arena in Manchester, NH. The "can you hear me now" guy was nowhere to be found.

Brands are fine on their own, but you walk a slippery slope when you introduce the mascot and advertising program with the building, and prevent yourself from spreading the brand and message countrywide.

/buzzkill over

/JetBlue or Green Giant would be better

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But the MetLife Blimp is Snoopy 1

And if Flo's face was on the Jake by the Lake it would be cause of rage and violence becauase she is so irritating.

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Flo and the "can you hear me now" guy aren't in the same category as Snoopy. The two human characters are elements of temporary (if very important) ad campaigns. Met Life has used Snoopy as a corporate icon since 1985. There's not much liklihood that they'll ditch Snoopy for a new campaign, whereas Flo will eventually go the way of Erin Esurance.

Met Life has used variations on their standard Snoopy logo at Yankee Stadium.


Although there's probably little chance they'd do the same at the Meadowlands, unless in an electronic version they can change to match the home team.

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