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Lonely Alts: Red Sox Generations


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Previous sets in the Lonely Alts: Generations series:

Cubs - Brewers - Giants - Royals - Yankees

I figured next up would be either the Sawx or the Rays, and I only have one third complete for the Rays, so the Sox it is.

1972 season: Bruins Tribute


I'll admit, the Red Sox B aint as suited for being spoked as that of the Bruins, but I wasn't adding a yoke.

1986 season: road alt


No, you can't really think of the 86 Red Sox without thinking of Buckner. And colored jerseys with gray numbers should be used more. Thus, the # of the Can.

2001 season: 100th anniversary


The 1908 set with the big red sock on front...figured it would've been the best choice for a tribute.

2011 season: well, it was only fair...


...last time out, I ended with a pinstripeless Yankees set with a red-billed, red-NY cap. This was basically the only way I could've naturally capped off this set.

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...aaand as a bit of a bonus, I'm open to a few Rays ideas (they're next, no ifs, ands or buts) preferably for either the black & green era and current era (though you can suggest something from the gradient era if you want...as long as your idea's not a gradient jersey, that was the one Rays alt I'd finished), and what direction should I go with the fourth alt: 2nd gradient, black/green or current era? Tarpons tribute? Smokers tribute? Something else entirely?

comment away, leave a few ideas and such.

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Coast: you know, I hadn't given much thought to how this series would be categorized, but alternate history seems to be the best fit, seeing as most concepts, even most concept series, are assumed to be for the current season while the uniforms I'm posting in this series are all meant for either this season or various past seasons (ex: 1976 "Bronx is Burning" Yankees in Murderers' Row tribute grays, 84 Cubs' historical composite alt roads), with, frankly, not much regard as to whether alts or throwbacks were common in the era I'm aiming for.

fox: seeing as I always thought that 1908 uniform was cool, glad you like its tribute.

Rays ideas: I may as well clarify things the best way I know how:

Set 1: already finished, all you need to know right now is it's gradient overkill.

Set 2: will be from the 2001-07 era, though I have no idea which direction I wanna go. Leaning towards a Tarpons tribute, or a black vest. Possibly something where you'd actually notice their blue.

Set 3: will be from the current era, leaning towards utilizing the Brayser pattern in some way. Won't be full Brayser, unlike the aforementioned gradient.

Set 4: could be from any of the three eras...not sure what direction I'd go in with a second gradient-era uni; 2nd green era set would likely be whatever idea I don't go with for set 2; finally, if I go with a second navy era set, it'd likely be a Smokers tribute. If you have any better ideas, I'd love to hear em.

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The brayser would be a good idea. I personally liked the vest form the green era, so theres that. The last one could be the St. Pete Pelicans.

I like the sox set, the pinstripes would be a LITTLE weird, these days anyways.

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For the Rays, I think it'd be cool if you made something in the style of say a 60's or 70's Rays. Maybe instead of the gradient do something like Houston's old "tequila sunrise" stripes. The old color scheme could possible lend itself well to that.

As far as these Red Sox ones, other than the pinstripes I am in love (but I am biased.)

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The hats on those last two are sweet, I'd buy them. Looking good all-around as well, the pinstripes actually work IMO, though its a bit risky

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I am liking the Boston set for the most part, but I do have a couple of comments. I like the reference to the Bruins, but I think the B gets lost in the spokes. On the anniversary set, I like the idea but I think it would have to be a pullover jersey because I think a button up would lose the look of the sock as the player moves. The pinstripe set is by far my favorite. I would love to see them bring the stripes back. Can'y wait to see more.

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