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Utah Grizzlies Reveal 3rd Jersey


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I was on Twitter just barely, and noticed that the Utah Grizzlies have unveiled a 3rd jersey.

While I would've preferred something that emphasized copper a little more, I like this, as it's clearly inspired by the 1990s jerseys, with the bear claw tearing through the bottom:

New Alternate


1990s Jersey:


I'm also surprised at the sublimated logo. I don't know if I've ever seen this with any North American pro-level hockey jersey. Has anyone else seen this?

The "UTAH" appears out of place, being too modern on a jersey where more traditional lettering fits better. The gradient on the letters is also a bit too much. Other than that, however, I do like where they're heading with it.


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Front of the new alternate looks too busy. Either go with the wordmark, the slashing claw, or the logo. All three is just overkill.

The 90s looks nice, except the stripes on the bottom plus the slashing claw seems redundant. One or the other would have worked; both kind of spoils it for me.

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They should have picked between the crest and the diagonal lettering, instead of crapping things up with both. Outside of that, it's a great look, and I like the new shoulder logo. The Grizzlies have been one of the best-dressed minor league teams since the late '90s, not counting their brief stint as Phoenix Coyotes clones.

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Are you sure the letters are gradiented and that's not just the lighting hitting the fabric?

I kinda like the watermark logo underneath the lettering, but I hope that doesn't become a widespread thing.

Love the bear scratch.

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