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Would I be able to get a San Fransisco 49ers one with Smith&Smith&Smith&Co.? That just sounds fun. Also maybe a couple other 49ers ones with Harbaugh&Smith&Gore&Davis&Crabtree on one and then Willis&Bowman&Smith&Rogers&Goldson. Thanks in advance and only if you have time. No worries. This is a great looking idea.

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Can you please do these teams?

New York Giants (Offense):

Eli, Bradshaw, Jacobs, Nicks, and Cruz

New York Giants (Defense):

JPP, Osi, Tuck, Webster, and Rolle

New York Mets:

Wright, Davis, Murphy, Johan, and Pelfrey

1986 New York Giants:

Simms, Morris, Bavaro, LT, and Carson

1986 New York Mets:

Doc, Darryl, Ojeda, Carter, and Hernandez

Thanks in advance

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