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Lakers (Showtime/2000s/current):

Magic & Kareem & Worthy & Scott & Cooper

Kobe & Shaq & Fisher & Horry & Fox

Kobe & Pau & Bynum & Odom & Artest

Personal ones (if you can):

Miguel & Everett & Marcus & Robert & Hector (blank; all my best friends in all my schooling career)

Luevano & Brown & Smith & Kenney & Otero (last name alternate)

Dennis & Justin & Christopher & Garvin & Trayquon (in late 1980s Angels colors; elementary school was nicknamed the "Angels")

Andrade & Lee & Thomas & Edmonson & Owens (last name alt)

Christina & Nico & Smikes & Richard & Daniel (UCR Highlanders).

Thanks in advance!!!





Thanks for these!

And I'm sorry for being a b#### (a total bratty b####) for the personal names. Sorry. Do you know what font are these signs BTW?

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If possible, could I get:


Kemp & Ethier & Kershaw & Billingsley & Mattingly


Kopitar & Doughty & Brown & Quick & Johnson

(Preferably in purple and yellow with the original crown)

Thanks in advance!

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Can you add Crow and Seabs to mine?


Mighty Ducks of Anaheim (CHL - 2018 Orr Cup Champions) Chicago Rivermen (UBA/WBL - 2014, 2015, 2017 Intercontinental Cup Champions)

King's Own Hexham FC (BIP - 2022 Saint's Cup Champions) Portland Explorers (EFL - Elite Bowl XIX Champions) Real San Diego (UPL) Red Bull Seattle (ULL - 2018, 2019, 2020 Gait Cup Champions) Vancouver Huskies (CL)

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