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2012 NCAA Football thread

Kevin W.

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I find it a bit odd that these screw-ups and conflicts of interest from the NCAA only seem to happen with big-name programs and not when it comes time to hammer a mid-major for giving a recruit a slice of pizza.

And playing a tennis player before they were even enrolled in the school.

/Point of Order

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Ask the Wisconsin, Florida State, or Stanford players and coaching staffs if their conference championship victories this weekend were meaningless.....

Well, if spending New Years in Los Angeles or Miami is your thing, then I guess it was meaningful. Otherwise it really only impacted where you will be going on vacation.

There are worse places to go play a bowl game.

Plus, you get a trophy and a ring.

All bowl games give out trophies.
And most bowl games cause the participating teams to lose money due to contractual obligations to buy "x" tickets.
We're talking about what it means for the players, not the schools themselves.

yeah,NCAA get the championship ring. the ring looks great !

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This topic is now closed to further replies.

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