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2004 Stanley Cup Media Kit


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Alrighty guys, its time once again for my Media Kit for the big game. This time its the 2004 Stanley Cup Finals. There is 1 avatar, 4 signatures and wallpapers are on the way. These will be hosted by me, throughout the series. Once the captain lifts the Cup, you will have 24 hours before I remove them. Enjoy!


Stanley Cup logo




2004 Stanley Cup: Western Conference vs. Eastern Conference



2004 Stanley Cup: Calgary Flames vs. Tampa Bay Lightning



2004 Stanley Cup: Calgary Flames



2004 Stanley Cup: Tampa Bay Lightning



That's it for now. I'll get more when I have more time.

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Thanks Stamp. This was planned before the playoffs. For the new guys, I put out a "media kit" before every major event in the 4 major sports (others if I have vector logos of them). So far this is my list:

2003 MLB All-Star Game

2003 AL Division Series

2003 NL Division Series

2003 ALCS

2003 NLCS

2003 World Series

2004 NFL Playoffs

2004-Super Bowl XXXVIII

2004 NHL All-Star Game

2004 Stanley Cup Finals

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I'd have used the red "C" too

I was thinking about using the red "C", but since the background was in red (sorta to emmulate the red home jersey), and I also noticed that a lot of media outlets are using the black one. I also noticed that the conference championship hat had the black one, which is weird because from a distance it doesn't look like there's a logo there.

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I have a suggestion:

When the series is over, how about keeping the sig of the team that wins and remove the rest of them?

I may do that. Although, I may make a special Cup Champs sig, BUT after the series ends, I won't host the sig. (I'll need space for the MLB ASG) :D

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