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Basketball court Psd

Darth Brooks

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The backboard itself is 4 feet from the endline. An overhead view confirms it's located in-bounds. If a backboard was set up even with the endline, then the ball would be out-of-bounds every time it hit the backboard :P

The solid arc underneath the hoop actually uses the hoop as its center radius, so if you move the backboard/hoop inward towards half court, it should line up correctly.

And the college 3-point line is at least 6 inches further than high school...there should be a gap between the 3-point line and the top of the free throw circle.

Back-to-Back Fatal Forty Champion 2015 & 2016

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Yeah, just push the hoops forward and it should be good. Nice template, although the glares on the court are a little distracting even if you are going for realism.

Also, does anybody know of some good court templates in .ai format? Or anything else that can be used in Illustrator?


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I think they mean something like this! Real nice work on this template.

That's what I get for not watching Basketball for the last couple of years. :)

If anyone wants to convert it to svg, go ahead. Everything should be in the file. I'll fix the psd and post it back up later.

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The basketball supports are still a little off. Watch a game and you'll see that little (if any) of the endline graphics are obscured by the support. There's about 4 feet of baseline between the endline and the front of the padding.

Back-to-Back Fatal Forty Champion 2015 & 2016

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The update on the template.



I changed the other links for download to the current one. I still don't have college lines in yet but I'll work on that.

Sweet template. The baskets are awesome, even if they were going the wrong way for a bit :)

I created a template the other day that has college lines and key:

Feel free to use it for college line placement, etc. Though I'm not sure it's accurate space/distance wise. Also I work with gimp and was having a hard time getting the lines clean and smooth.

Edit: If it's okay I'd like to give a face lift to my template using your template (Lights, shadow, baskets, etc) I'll try to include college, pro and high school in the template update.



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Awesome template! I used it to make a concept for a new floor at Nebraska's new arena opening in 2013.


I love this. Very nice, although I think the arena floor will look like the Hendricks center floor. But anything's better than the mess they have going on this year.

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I love this template. I also added to the template. I added/adjusted a few things: Men's NCAA 3pt. line, Key, restricted arc and basket placements to my liking. I did save it as a template and If it's okay with Darth Brooks, I can post the link on this thread and/or my courts thread.

Here's my hand at a few courts.

Some are the current courts while others our my creativeness escaping :)

A couple real courts:

Boston Celtics

The traditional parquet floor, the Arena name along the baseline, and green court paint with the center court logo. I know inside of the key lane outlines and inside are maroon or red, but I don't have any interior lane hashmarks.


Golden State Warriors

I'm not a huge fan of yellow, (not to mention the red oracle arena logo) but it's what the Warriors have. I may do a mockup of what I might do with the court, but for now the gold key paint and outline with baseline team name and the bridge logo at center court.


Here's a creative mockup:

Arizona Wildcats

Encompassing the school colors within both keys. The court is outlined in blue with Arizona script along each baseline. Each Free Throw line is adorned with the "Beardown" script in white. Pac 12 shield logo is inside each of the right sides of the keys. In addition there's something I like to call a "nice touch" under the mid court logo. :)




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