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Hornets Concept


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It looks way better in the New Orleans colours.

The hornet is solid... like Avenger said, there's a lot of detail, but that's the way it has to be sometimes.

I'm not a fan of the M's and A's in that font though... the HORNETS wordmark looks great, but those M's and A's are weird with a capital "eird".

Sweet work GMS... now if vic only alters his colour scheme, the OK State Hornets will really be looking slick! B)

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I'm not sure if you did or were planning (I'm too lazy to check right now) but with some tweeking you could enter that in the current logolympiad event and do quite well. I mean, take out the stripes and that's a cicidad or however you spell that (I told you I was lazy!)



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I was thinking about the Cicadas thing as well. Aside from that, this is well executed. The wordmark I'm not crazy about... I think your problem is font choice. The logo, however, is great, and would only need minor tweaking. I'd consider increasing the stroke width around the thorax and head. At small sizes, the outline may not be visible at all.

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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