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Canucks to honour the Vancouver Millionaires


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If you take away the history and nostalgia factor, it's a pretty basic design. I almost hate it, but I might as well try to tolerate it seeing as how this team just loves to churn out new looks all the time.

It doesn't carry any nostalgia for me. I just like the concept of the V with the letters in it. It sets up well. Certainly better than most other city/letter combinations.

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I don't think it carries any particular nostalgia for anybody.

But you're right, it's a pleasing design. Good color combination, and a solid if unspectacular logo. Wouldn't work as a primary but would make an excellent secondary logo today - I wish they'd use that V patch on their regular sweaters.

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Very beautiful uniforms. Unlike many fans, I had no issue with the off-white pants because that was the look back in the day. However, it would have been interesting to see how those uniforms would have evolved over time had the Millionaires not folded.

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