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Poland/Sweden Football Uniforms


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Not sure exactly where this would go, so mods feel free to move it as you see fit.

I hadn't seen anything about this yet, but today on Uni Watch there was a link to this picture of the Poland and Sweden National teams' uniforms.


I thought Poland's uniforms were interesting. The helmet is obviously very Oregon-esque, but I thought the way they did the wings on the jerseys would be a better alternative to how Oregon does them currently. Anyways, any thoughts?


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I love the Polish helmets, but the jerseys are an overkill. Sweden's is exactly what one would expect.

I'd say the pants are overkill. The jerseys look great IMO.

Apparently the US has a national team too, and so do Italy,Japan, Slovenia, Israel, etc.



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South America begins to establish (american) football over its countries. Here is a game Chile @ Brazil a year ago. Your thoughts?


I'm brazilian but didn't like the soccer approach they did in the uniform. I think green & yellow would fit better, but in this case it resemble Australia. I didn't like the helmet logo too, very "JaxJaguarish"

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