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My new york yankees uniform concept


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ok, I know just about everyone here is gonna say something like:

"the NY should always be on the home uni"

"the Yankees should never have a non-commemerative shoulder logo"

"the Yankees should never have an alternate jersey"

I dont want to hear that  :P  These are merely fantasy concepts that Ive done because I wanted to experiment with how a script logo would look on the home uniform, and how the primary logo would look if more emphasis was put on the "yankee uniform blue".

because face it, the yankees will not be changing thier uniforms anytime soon, nor should they

of course, most everyone hates the yankees so much they could care less what they do with thier uniforms :laugh:


New York Yankees fantasy uniform concept

New York Yankees current primary logo modernization

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I personally love these. Some suggestions though. Since these are fantasy, drop one of the NY's, there is no reason to have 2 of them, regardless of tradition. Also, I think you should attempt to use the red and ligher blue in the uniforms a bit, maybe even the silver. Although, you might get too busy doing that. One more thing. Be creative with the NEW YORK script. What they have is boring and what you used is boring (so is the Giants plain script...). They have a cursive one I think, MAYBE try that. Anyway, despite my criticism, these are great, and I really really would not mind them trying a design like this.
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Looks great.

I agree with STL, and my one other concern is the two different blues in the adjusted logo. I'd stick with one, especially as they are close enough that it could be mistaken for a mistake, and wouldn't look so bad with all darker blue.

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Very nice designs. They actually could work.

However, speaking as a life-long Yankees fan, I hope your designs never get beyond the imagination stage. In fantasy they are fine indeed. But not in reality.

I take comfort in the fact that if the Yankees ever play in a "turn-back-the-clock" game or a "turn-ahead-the-clock" game, they could wear their every-day uniforms and fit in just fine.


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