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Logolympiad Voting

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Not that I'm in the running for a medal, but my concept is on photobucket which is having problems so it can't be viewed now... Anyone who's concept is on photobucket might now have a viewable logo.

Some photobucket pics are working but right now mine and Gordie's (who is definittely in the running for a medal) is not working.

Just thought I'd mention it before people vote.

Thanks for the heads-up GJG. I can't log on to my account at all right now, but I found this notice on the Photobucket site:

As most of you know, we are updating much of our infrastructure. The idea behind this is to make things much more reliable and stable. The last two days have been very difficult for all of us, as we have experienced some issues that we hadn't expected. I will assure you that we are working very hard on this. Photobucket is here to stay and we believe that everything we are doing is for the better, we will all get through this. I'm sorry for any inconvenience this may have caused you.

Please do not email us unless it is urgent, we are flooded with email and need to concentrate on the problem at hand.




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I had to do a little eenie-meenie-minie-moe to make my silver and bronze picks:

G - Nitroseed: The Return of the King :notworthy:

S - Steve-O

B - Gordie


OWNER -- Pittsburgh Spiders (UL) * Dynamo Missouri (PLA) * Montreal Maroons (SHL)

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Gold.....Puckguy14-Why has'nt this one gotten more votes?

Silver......SteveO-Representing all of us MS Paint users!!

Bronze....Clannhoran-Another one I thought would have more votes.First to enter and was strong in my mind throughout.

Avenger,another VERY strong effort.Nitroseed,a comeback with a vengeance!Frenchie,EXCELLENT for a first crack at football.Gordie,MAN!!You just made the field that much stronger!


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1 - nitro

2- gordie

3 - steve-o

NCFA Sunset Beach Tech - Octopi




Going to college gets you closer to the real world, kind of like climbing a tree gets you closer to the moon.

"...a nice illustration of what you get when skill, talent, and precedent are deducted from 'creativity.' " - James Howard Kunstler

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Can't vote for myself? LOL Just kidding. Tough call but...

Gold: Steve-O (those colors work)

Silver: Nitroseed (welcome back buddy!)

Bronze: Avenger (can you teach me to be a graphic designer?)

2004 San Jose Sharks 7th Man Fan of the Year

San Jose Gold Miners - 4x Lombardi Cup Champions

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Sorry it took so long to get back to this one... busy week.

Anyway, this vote was as close to unanimous as we can get. Aside from teh votes that gave Gordie 4th place, there were only 12 'dissenting' votes that were spread among 6 designs,

There was no question who the top 3 were....

medal13b.gif Avenger - finally gets that elusive bronze!

medal13s.gifSteve-o - the Pixelator proves that small-market teams (Paint users) can win championships.

medal13g.gif Nitroseed - back in action!

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