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Logolympiad Voting

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G - Nitroseed

S - Avenger

B - Gordie

Tough competition. Nice job to everyone - this one really required a lot of work to put together. Very impressive field overall.

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G: NITROSEED!!! (Man if only you were in the rest of the competition, you woulda kicked ass)

S: Avenger (Again!)

B: Steve-O (1st football concept? Sure doesn't seem like it. Fabulous job)

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Not that I'm in the running for a medal, but my concept is on photobucket which is having problems so it can't be viewed now... Anyone who's concept is on photobucket might now have a viewable logo.

Some photobucket pics are working but right now mine and Gordie's (who is definittely in the running for a medal) is not working.

Just thought I'd mention it before people vote.

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So, thanks gojetsgo for the fair warning. Now, to the selections:

GOLD: United Waffles.

SILVER: Puckguy14.

BRONZE: Robbman21.

REAL HONORABLE (or for you Canadians, "HONOURABLE", eh?) MENTIONS: Steve-O, Avenger, Nitroseed.

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