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Historical Nations Yakball Championship - Voting is now up


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I chose the Mali Empire,a West African empire best known by its gold deposits, its University, and its most famous king, Mansa Musa. I made his crown and the University of its capitol, Timbuktu, the centerpieces of my shield logo. The official colors appear to have been red and yellow. I darkened the shades used and it has a Redskins-like feel to it.


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Status Pontificus Yakball (Papal States Yakball)

1. The primary crest is simply the seal of the Holy See with a yakball added to the bottom. The triple-tiara on top was the former crown worn by the Pope until Venerable Paul VI renounced the crown for a simple bishop's miter shortly after his coronation in 1963. (It remains on display in the crypt of the National Shrine of the Immaculate Conception in Washington, DC). The keys have always been associated with the Papacy, as the Catholic Church recognizes St. Peter as the first Pope, with the keys referencing Jesus' words to him in Matthew 16:19 "I will give you the keys to the kingdom of heaven" (which is also why St. Peter is often depicted as heaven's gate receptionist in popular culture). In addition to the seal and yakball, I have added a motto scroll with the words "Pasce Oves Meas," which is Latin for Jesus' words to Peter in John 21:17 "Feed My sheep," the words we recognize as establishing the papacy and Peter as the head.
2. The secondary logo would simply be the crest of the reigning Pope at the time. I chose Blessed Pius IX, as he was Pope at the time the Papal States were conquered by Italy in 1870.
3. The court is a simplistic design as well, with "STATVS PONTIFICVS" in Latin and the reigning Pope's crest in the middle.
4. The regular kits are based on the current Vatican City football team's kits, with gold bodies, white sleeves, white shorts and gold socks. The center has the (you guessed it) reigning Pope's crest in the middle, with the player's numeral as a Roman numeral. The shorts have the Papal States Yakball logo on the left leg.
5. The alternate kits are based on the Swiss Guard (the Pope's bodyguards)'s uniforms. The Swiss Guard makes up the entirety of Vatican City's football roster (John Paul II, Benedict XVI and Francis have all supported the program to keep them in shape). So I imagine they'd make up a good number of the Papal States' yakball team too. In place of the papal crest, we have the Swiss Guard flag in the middle of their jerseys, with everything else as usual.

Hope you like 'em!



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A few things:

-The colors are maroon, blue, orange-gold, and white. Maroon was chosen as a primary color to tie it in with the cricket team (cricket is the most popular sport in most of the primarily English-speaking countries), and (in my opinion) is the most representative color in the British West Indies. Blue, orange-gold, and white are the flag colors.*

-The motto of the Federation, "To dwell together in unity," is present on the inside and outside collar. (Sublimated on the outside, contrasting color on the inside with "together" in a different color.**)

*There was so much inconsistency with the flag that I settled with the Wikipedia version and then adjusted the orange-gold to be a little bit more orange.

**Mainly to point out the irony.

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With WOs of Athens, Prussia, Sparta, Rome and Texas, we have the first five selected to Quarterfinals.


In first round polls, you must choose between Habsburg Empire or Bavaria, Mali Empire or Czechoslovakia, and finally between Ancient Egypt and West Indies.

Poll is up until 23h59 EST of Friday, August 16. Voting is open to everyone.

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