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Bowl Signatures 2013: They're back


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I did these last year, I'd like to post all bowl match ups based on requests once the games are announced. When the bowl requests settle down, I'll probably do other teams (High School, college, NFL) for requests also.

Here's the template I made to go off for these bowl signatures. Obviously they'd be resized for signature use.


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I wandered into last year's thread yesterday and picked up the Ohio State one currently in my sig! I was wondering if I could get some of this year's so this is great! Can I get a Michigan State-Ohio State Big Ten Championship game one?

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The "banner" is composed of two pictures that I've made with Paint.net. I uploaded them to Photobucket before I made them part of my signature; if you click on the upper right hand button that has your name on it when you are logged in, you can go in and edit your profile which also includes your signature.

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