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#ProjectOldSchool - An NHL Project


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My newest creation is pretty much done and I'd like to unveil it to the masses via a series on the boards. For the 2014/15 season, the National Hockey League has decided that each NHL club will have an "old school" inspired throwback jersey to compliment their uniform kits. Each uniform is rich in history and represents the nature of old school hockey; tough, rugged, and traditional. To reflect the traditional nature of the uniforms and the new school function of social media, the NHL has created the hashtag #ProjectOldSchool to reflect their vision. For the next month or so, I will randomly unveil a new team as part of the series.

Completed Teams

- Anaheim Ducks

- Boston Bruins

- Buffalo Sabres

- Carolina Hurricanes

- Chicago Blackhawks

- Los Angeles Kings

- Minnesota Wild

- Montreal Canadiens

- Pittsburgh Penguins

- Vancouver Canucks

- Washington Capitals

- Winnipeg Jets

First up is the Chicago Blackhawks, who will draw heavily from their 2009 Winter Classic jersey. This time, their primary mark replaces the logo in the roundel. That alone is the biggest change, but with a jersey as beautiful as their WC duds and the nature of this project, it was an absolute perfect fit. Without further ado, here is the first jersey unveiled for #ProjectOldSchool.


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Carolina Hurricanes


Are you going for more of a NASCAR track feel with this one?

Slightly. I figured black and white would appeal to that fanbase, as well as make for a pretty bad ass concept. Especially for a name like "Hurricanes."

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This seems very hit or miss so far. Love what you've done with Chicago and Buffalo, I could easily see those in a Winter Classic or Stadium Series game (and, to a lesser extent, Los Angeles and Washington). Anaheim and Carolina, however, fall flat with their plainness. Monochrome would be very hard to make work with these two identities, so I would strongly suggest adding accent colors to both.

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Most may not agree, but I kinda like the Maroons/Canadiens thing going on there. I would have gone with more red or Maroon, but I see what you are trying to do - if that is what you were going for..

As for Carolina, I would have liked to seen a Green and Blue throwback a-la-Whalers.

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