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Olympic Football Sochi 2014 (UPDATEd BRAZIL) FEEDBACK NEEDED


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I really really love this! The shoulder design is unique and awesome. The Navy helmet is by far my favorite, so using it as a template for these is awesome. Although I would pick between the Navy design and the helmet stripes. Too busy with both. I've always hated Nike's half pant stripes, but I love them here. If I had to rate it, I'd give it a solid 8.5/10.

"I believe in Auburn and love it!"



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I'd make GB's numbers on the white jersey blue or red like the TV numbers. Also, start making the TV numbers bigger. One more thing, I'd keep the logo on the GB helmet fully visible instead of sublimating it.

Overall, I like what you have so far.



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Much better. My only thought now is maybe the helmet stripe is too big. The helmet seems very cluttered to me for some reason. It almost feels like the stripe is throwing the logo off center. BIg improvement from the first version though.

its not a stripe on the helmet its a two tone for the helmet that thins out.

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