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New Patriots Concept


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Set up a free account with a online album like Photobucket. Upload to concept and then add the link to the post through the "image" icon located in the top menu of the post. Make sure to preview you post to make sure the picture shows up.

Happy Posting

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You need to take more time with your concepts. All you did was fill in some areas with the paint bucket tool. What's with the white streaks around the number? Take time to clean them up. Why is the Patriots logo facing the wrong way on the sleeve?

Presentation is key.

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Well, it's certainly different.

Maybe a little too different for a team like the Pats. Too many colours going on at once; I think I see 7 different shades of red, blue, and grey. Stick with one shade of each.

Also, here's a question; what does this uniform have to do with the name, Patriots? What's patriotic about it? A team with a name like the Patriots should have some kind of pro-USA imagery on it. Most of the time, slapping a team's colours on a predesigned template doesn't work; you need to tailor it to the team itself.

That, and that whirlpool on the shoulders just looks kind of weird. Keep it symmetrical if you can. Assymetry can work sometimes, but not here.

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One of the biggest things you have to consider is branding.

Teams (and companies) use certain colors, style and design elements to be instantly associated with certain things. For example, if I asked you what a yellow "M" on a red background made you think of, you would instantly say McDonald's, almost without hesitation.

The white swirls on the shoulders look almost like surf or water foam? So because of that design element, it causes my mind to think about teams from Florida, California or Hawaii - places associated with water sport. Seeing that pattern for a team from New England is mentally jarring because New England is probably the last place I'd want to go swimming. Also, what in the world does swimming have to do with Patriots? I mean, Washington did famously cross the Potomac, but that's such a mental stretch that nobody will make the connection.

Make sure that your branding "screams" Patriots - - and only Patriots. Right now, your red helmet screams Buffalo Bills. Make sure that you're differentiating your name enough from other teams in the league.

Also, as others stated, you need to work on execution and presentation.

When you're using Paint, it's tempting to just take the paint bucket tool and re-color sections of an existing template, but (as you've found out) the results aren't worth it. I'd highly suggest either taking some time to learn Photoshop, Inkscape, Gimp, or even Pixlr.com if you don't have the ability to download/install a professional photo suite. Or, on the flip side - if you CHOOSE to work in Paint, then you really need to step up your execution. Take. Your. Time.

I don't mean to toot my own horn, but below is a Minnesota football concept I did a while back. It took me several days on-and-off to create it. And those who remember the thread when I posted it will recall that I had a couple of revisions to get it right. I post this because my Photoshop skills aren't great when it comes to concepts - but I'm learning to improve myself. And in the meantime, I take my freakin' time with my Paint concepts to make sure they're absolutely bulletproof. Because I'm choosing a "lesser" program to make my art, I need to overcompensate by spending a lot more time in the details.

Forget the design elements, but really look close at the image. For example, in places I changed the color of the black outlines. The maroon jersey has a darker maroon outline - not pure black - because it flows better and makes the image look more crisp. I spent days coming through fonts until I found one that I felt really fit well with UM's identity. The yellow helmet, with the Goldy Gopher logo? I spent quite a lot of time zoomed way the hell in so I could hand-trace around the edges and clean it up. No white flecks, no warped logos, etc.


Welcome to the forums and keep posting. If you're serious about your craft, you'll realize that we're not critiquing you to be rude - it's to help you improve. There are hundreds of "first timer" concepts like these - I had them myself and so did others. The difference between those awkward first concepts and guys like Fraser or Bird is that they continued to improve and work and work and work some more and finally work. And don't get emotionally married to your concept. If it sucks, throw it out and start over. It's the only way you'll learn.

But congrats on taking the first important step. Actually the second step since you posted a revision based on people's comments. Just keep trying and don't give up. I'm excited to see more of your work, man.

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One of my other ideas for the alt was maybe a special uniform supporting Hurricane Sandy relief, since not many NFL teams are doing things like that.

With that explanation, your "whirlpool" pattern suddenly makes sense. It's all about presentation.

Keep working on the execution, though - it's not a terrible start, honestly.

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