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The Madden 26 Concept Thread


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Hey guys! As we all know, Madden had a concept contest that might just get a team featured in the next game. Now that the deadline is past, I thought it'd be cool to see what people submitted/worked on in one nice, easy to find spot. I'd be willing to bet there's a fair percentage of strong entries that came from these boards. So let's see what you did!

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Guest darkpiranha

I took a stab at the Egyptians. I like what I came up with for the primary, but I couldn't find the time to get a satisfactory secondary or uniforms. Nothing really came out of concept, I had pyramids, eye of ra, but nothing seemed to work well. I'd much rather take the time to present a great brand, rather than a great logo and unworkable secondary marks. I understand the contest time limit was short, but it could have been brought to us earlier. Any who, this was the logo I was happy with to submit, if I had the time. Still could use a few tweaks here or there.



Wow. I love this logo. Not crazy about the name.

What does this look like with real gold and turquoise?

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These were my Updating Defunct NFL teams. They were submitted with the idea that Madden might use them somewhere even if "no real anymore" didn't slide under the radar of "don't use real teams"

Canton Bulldogs


Providence Steam Roller


Pottsville Maroons


Oorang Indians


Rock Island Independents


Frankford Yellow Jackets


Duluth Eskimos


Dayton Triangles


A good number of the design elements were new, especially Rock Island and Providence. The old teams didn't have much in logos or uniforms that easily translated to modern design.

These two were uniques.

Toronto Lumberjacks


Memphis Blues


The defunct NFL team thread is here http://boards.sportslogos.net/topic/96654-updating-defunct-nfl-teams/

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I love the idea of consolidating all of these into one thread.

I unfortunately couldn't enter because I live in Australia, but I did work on a design. Because I couldn't enter I lost interest before I got to an away uniform, but picture the same thing with white as the main jersey colour and white pants.

I picked the Sacramento Tigers because I had an existing Tiger logo i'd been working on for a long time and it was my best work, and Sacramento was a team on the list. :)



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What design won?

There will be three winners and we don't know yet who won. I suspect it will take some time to pick a winner.

From their rules/legalese: On or about March 14, 2014 three (3) potential winners will be determined and notified by an email sent to the email address specified on the Contest Entry.

So we should know by Friday or so - the winners should also be posted for a short time on the submission site.

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i was also in the "finding out after I started that I was ineligible" boat, so here are the 2 designs I would have submitted....

Orlando Orbits


and the away with grey pants


London Crusaders


the idea was that they look like the football uniform version of this


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