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Updating defunct NFL teams

Darth Brooks

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I want to redo some of the very old time NFL franchises that didn't make it to the modern day. Some of these teams had success back in the day but weren't able to continue. Basically, what if teams like the Canton Bulldogs had made it to modern day, what would they look like.

First, a database of old unis: http://www.gridiron-uniforms.com/defunct.html

Canton Bulldogs.


This team featured one of the greatest athletes of all time, Jim Thorpe. They won the NFL Championships in 1922 and 1923. Canton was important enough to host the founding of the NFL and of course the Hall of Fame is in Canton Ohio.

The original Uniform:


My take:



I'll be posting up more. Critique and comments are welcome.

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Frankford Yellow Jackets


Ren69 redid the logo for Frankford. They were the NFL Champions of 1926 although they probably should be able to count 1925 as well. The Great Depression combine with the loss of their home stadium did them in. They are seen as the precursors to the Philadelphia Eagles. When the Eagles did throwbacks they chose ones following the Yellow Jackets design.

Original Uniform:


Eagles Throwback:


My Update:



BTW, The idea is not to slavishly follow exactly what the the teams did but to provide what the uniforms might look like if the teams had survived into modern eras. The colors are reversed because they look better. It's not that difficult to think the team would have gone with something like that as an update.

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Duluth Eskimos


The Duluth Eskimos were used as the inspiration for the team in the movie Leatherheads. During their last years they were a traveling team. Not having a home stadium put a stress on their finances. According to Wikipedia, due to various transactions, it can be argued that the Kelleys/Eskimos still exist today, at least indirectly. The team that is supposedly a continuation? The Washington Redskins.

The original uniform:


The update



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Dayton Triangles



The Dayton Triangles scored the first points in an NFL game. They had been a champion team 1913 - 1918. Once in the NFL they continued to rely on local talent rather than looking for the best players possible. That hurt them and they went into decline. In 1930 they were bought, renamed and moved.

Original Uniform


The update



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The name is off center and the TV numbers are small, also Incorporate the helmet stripe in the uniform and it'll be great

I'll have to fix the numbers. I thought about the stripe. A lot of the teams had something like that but eventually went away from it. I may do one with a stripe and a fix on the numbers. I'll post more later. I'm going to try and do a total of eight. The rest are out of a list of Akron Pros, Columbus Panhandles, Providence Steam Roller, Rock Island Independents and Pottsville Maroons.

If I use Providence I have to make heads or tails out of this logo.


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For Providence, a good chunk of the imagery online is tough to work with. One thing to remember is the team colors were actually black and orange, even though most stuff you'll find is maroon and white. You could also probably eliminate the weird dog-man logo in favor of something like number, block p, or (This) on the helmet.

Here's the uniform from their championship season, if that helps at all.



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The idea is much better than the execution here. The helmets are great but the jerseys seem a little "color by numbers". I would put a little more creativity into the striping designs on the uniforms.


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The problem with that is that the NFL got very conservative during the 50's & 60's. Solid color jerseys took the place of the weird striping that you would see in the 30's. Just look at the Pittsburgh Steeler's "bumblebee" Throwbacks. If these teams had survived only subtle hints of the past uniforms would exist - call backs more than direct copies.

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