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Updating Cleveland Browns Helmet


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So, with already speculation about the Browns getting a uniform revamp... I had already began on an overhaul a few months ago. The Browns are in a difficult position when it comes to rebranding. They are a team with rich heritage (one of the best franchises in history) but have a recent history of absolute unmatched futility. They are a franchise that fought to keep their colors, names, and logos in town during an unnecessary selling of the franchise to another City.

With all this in mind, I tried to develop a helmet that ACTUALLY "linked to the past" but still upgraded significantly enough to cause a buzz in the City and League wide:


As you can see, I went with a more modern approach to the helmet that Nike has slowly been developing (Navy, Ohio State Pro Combat, Oregon). This helmet obviously incorporates the gray facemask (which looks infinitely better than the white facemask) and then carried the gray to the helmet stripe (which will eventually be carried to the uniforms). The addition of gray will delineate a new era in the franchise, as well as capitalize on the growing popularity of gray uniforms in College and the Pros. I believe this helmet style could actually connect the rich history of the Browns and usher in a new era, a modern era. The helmet will have an aggressive look, both when viewed up close or from far away on TV.

For reference, this was the Ohio State Pro Combat helmet used as inspiration:


It is my intent to post the full uniform overhaul later... and by later, I mean sometime between now and NFL opening day.



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It would be funny if the browns helmet had the browns helmet logo on it and that helmet had the helmet logo on it and so on and so on I wonder how that would look


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I'd like this concept better if
1) Grey didn't appear on the helmet stripe
2) the stripe eventually diminished to a standard width and went all the way to the back of the helmet.

Haslam wouldn't touch the helmet it seems, but this is an interesting concept. Could look good on the Brownies.

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