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A bunch of soccer fonts


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Following the major increase of soccer concepts in this board, I believe this is a nice upload. I organized all my soccer fonts in a Google Drive Folder, to everyone acess and use. I'm not the author of all fonts, like Conrad. I made some but long time ago, and now all of it is in my HD without practical use. Hope it helps in some way, to new concepts or reproduction of old designs. The fonts are in .TTF and .OTF format. Below is a link to Google Drive.


I don't ask donations or anything. I found it freely, I pass it freely, but would be nice if you comment in the folder.

Some problem, let me know.

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thanks for posting those. I know there are several fonts that i want to ue for uniforms and maybe even make my first football/soccer kit.

Tremendous stuff, Johnny - thanks for sharing this, some of those fonts will come in very useful indeed.

This is a great collection you have here! Thanks for sharing!

This is great stuff. Bravo.

Thanks from me too. Very appreciative of you sharing these.

I was particularly after the Football League font which was in your collection so that was nice to finally get hold of.

Thank you for this JohnnyRfl...you are such a saint mate. This will definately help my football concepts. Cheers

Awesome man! I will definitely use these in the near future. I haven't downloaded yet, I will when I need to use them, but this is definitely helpful!

Glad it helps. If you need other font and have good images, I can make fonts (maybe it takes a little longer, with the college) but send me what you need. Only Football (Soccer). Otherwise is with Conrad.

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Johnny I am hoping you won't take away access from us anytime soon for these fonts as I want to download all of them in due course. These will definitely help me with my football kits..cheers again mate!

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This looks absolutely fantastic. One question, though: Is there a way to download all the fonts at once? As far as I can tell, I can only download them one at a time. Maybe I am missing something. If we can only download them one at a time, could you put them all in one folder so we can download all of them easily. Thanks.

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most of those vectors are shoddy at best. they're someone's half-arsed attempt at tracing pictures of the numbers. if the vectors were better, i'd make TTFs of the fonts in my thread, but my standards are too high I guess, lol.

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