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  1. Supermarket Packaging Changes

    When I was in NZ and AUS I basically lived on Maggi. The chicken flavo(u)r was disgusting! It tasted nothing like the chicken flavor here in the US. But I enjoyed the "oriental" flavor, which tasted much more like the chicken flavor over here.
  2. Nice to see another Tech fan!

    THWG :D

  3. Unpopular Opinions

    I am pretty much re-stating what other people have said, but I DON'T CARE! moo hoo ha ha -I also very much prefer the italic Steelers numbers -Carolina Panthers uniforms--ESPECIALLY the bright blue alternate -YES, the Seattle Seahawks' lime green, but NOT the jerseys. I just absolutely love the tiny accent of lime green. -BUT I prefer Royal Blue and Kelly Green, because those two colors together are awesome. -The Marlins when they had vests and Teal undershirts. I think they are quickly turning into the White Sox by getting rid of the teal. Same with the Rockies and purple. -The Eagles 1936 throwbacks. -Can't stand Penn State's unis -Rays multicolor gradient FTW, dark green FTL -I prefer baseball vests to sleeved jerseys -I like Athletic gold much more than "old" or metallic gold -I HATE HATE HATE the Chargers' navy homes, but I think their powder blues are the best jerseys in the NFL. -I like the Padres' alternate navy jersey with sand pants. -I HATE how so many MLB teams use navy and red, even if it is "tradition" -I like the Dolphins' navy accents. I guess I really just like more unique colors and variation.
  4. CCSLC Championship Ring Thread

    I really don't like them... they look way too blingy. Also, I would NEVER want my face on a giant ring. But I'm not an NBA player.
  5. Ah, yes. Another Tech fan. PM sent.

  6. I see you're a Tech fan, good sir! Hello :)

  7. Wow. Way to spark an 18 page discussion, all because you're a girl. I read some of it. I don't think Tom Brady's anything to get hung up on either ;D

  8. I've heard there's an extreme shortage of girls here. Is that really the case?

  9. haha i don't wear jerseys either... just jeans and tees :P

  10. Yay, another girl! It's alright if you don't like frilly outfits; I like them enough for multiple girls. Haha. But don't worry, I still wear jerseys & I'm not afraid to get my outfits dirty ;D

  11. I'm a girl too! Yay! But I don't like frilly dresses.

  12. Hey just saw your comment today! ...Whoops. I agree. We should start a girls club lol. Hope college is treating you alright. :)

  13. Hey, SG! Long time no talk! We should start a girls club :P

  14. AFFL Redesign

    I know this is old, but Davidson, you are amazing. I especially like the Mooseheads (gotta represent my hometown) and the Ogres. I love every one of them!!