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  1. Your Idea of a Mega-Conference

    Ummm.... What about the other 64 teams in the country? edit: Oops didn't read the bottom. Georgia Tech would lose every game.
  2. What Floats your Boat?

    I am so happy to have moved into my apartment here at school. As I've mentioned before, I spent spring semester overseas doing a study abroad program. I am just so happy to be back on campus for a full year (my last full year of college!). Also, my fraternity's rush starts friday night so I'm excited to meet the new freshmen.
  3. College Classes.

    You guys seem to have such interesting classes- GBM, that American Studies class you have sounds really cool. I'm starting my 4th semester at Georgia Tech- I am a junior planning on graduating in December 2012. This is going to be my very first semester where I can take classes I am actually interested in-- as in NO MATH OR SCIENCE CLASSES woo hoo! I'm taking 3 classes in my major (History, Technology, and Society, which is like a combination of history and sociology) and one class toward a certificate in Social Psychology. HTS 3087- History of Medicine HTS 3823- Special Topics: Sociology of Crime and Gender HTS 3046- Science, Politics, and Culture of Nazi Germany PSYC 2240- Personality Theory I came in to Tech with 34 credits as a freshman, so I only have to take 12 credits/semester to still graduate a semester early. I am really happy it turned out that way, because I think if I took any more classes per semester I wouldn't be able to handle it (stress does not treat me well). I'm also working 6 hours/week as a research assistant in one of our psychology labs, and I lead a campus tour for potential students once a week, and am in a social fraternity so I have a lot more on my plate than I did last fall. Also starting to look into grad school and think about what I want to do with my life. It really scares me that I am heading into the real world in less than a year and a half. Anyway I'm really excited for this semester, and I just got moved into my apartment today, so I just can't wait for everything to start back up.
  4. What Floats your Boat?

    Two days of work left before vacation to St. George Island, FL. I am going with my boyfriend's family, so I'm a little nervous about that, but the place seems gorgeous.
  5. More proof the world is going to crap

    Child abuse. It's stories like these that make me wish I believed in hell so these people can rot there.
  6. Sports themed clothing sites

    Retro Brand is great. I just got a U-Dub shirt from them and it is the softest shirt I've ever worn. I wear it every chance I get. Unfortunately, for most schools they seem to have a huge selection of retro logos, but they don't have any retro logos for my school. They only have the current or a wordmark.
  7. Google+

    Wow, you joined before it even launched. Impressive. OK, I'm sorry. I didn't mean to sound hipsterish or like I was lying. I just remembered wrong. Sorry. I just checked the invite email that I got- 11 days ago. Sorry for being 3 days off.
  8. Google+

    Yeah, I joined about 2 weeks ago and have basically forgotten about it since. I feel like it's exactly the same as Facebook and it was kind of stupid for me to join.
  9. Any channel!

    more like NO.
  10. Happy Canada Day!

    I know this is belated, but... my facebook status on July 1 was "Today we all drink our Milk from bags." I <3 Canada Also, I kind of used you guys as a cover when I was overseas a few months ago. Whenever a stranger asked where I was from I'd say Canada so they didn't hate me for being an American. Now, I love my country, but you guys definitely have the better reputation abroad. Fun Canadian fact: Ryan Reynolds' dad is a former Mountie. Great video from Tom Brokaw:
  11. Jersey Wallpaper 16:9

    Would you mind possibly making a Civil Air Patrol one? My boyfriend just joined the Civil Air Patrol (the civilian branch of the US Air Force) and I'd love to send him a nice wallpaper These are really great. I know it's not sports, but I saw you did military ones, so I thought this was kinda close here's the logo
  12. Four Major US Broadcast Networks

    NBC is by far the best, as a few of you have stated. I think ABC definitely needs the biggest upgrade. This thread reminds me of "scary" TV logos. DOes anyone know what I am talking about? Back when I was a kid, I would get scared of some of the logos and music that production companies used. This is actually a common thing on Youtube, I have learned. Many people were afraid of these logos (and the incredibly dischordant "music" that goes along with them)- one even has a name. The Viacom "V of Doom." If you go on Youtube and search "scary TV logos" so many videos and comments will come up.
  13. Supermarket Packaging Changes

    When I was in NZ and AUS I basically lived on Maggi. The chicken flavo(u)r was disgusting! It tasted nothing like the chicken flavor here in the US. But I enjoyed the "oriental" flavor, which tasted much more like the chicken flavor over here.
  14. College Football FBS Redesign

    I love white helmets, so I'm just going to say this: The white aTm helmet is perfection. I'm basically drooling over it I also really like the white GT and white Miami helmets. I know you said you were interested in what I thought about the GT unis so here goes. I really like them, but I think they are kind of boring. I really enjoy their unis that they wore last year. I generally tend to like more classic-styled uniforms than more modern ones, but I think the ones from last year work well with them. Also, I really hate all navy alternates because 1) I just think we should never use too much navy since it is not an official school color, and 2) we always lose in them (disregard 1990 Citrus Bowl MNC... also I'm sure you'd like that ) But yeah. I think you did a good job and really like a lot of your concepts. I think my favorite so far is Baylor but that might be because that green and that gold are my two favorite colors together. They should use athletic gold instead of old gold all the time. Also, I am gonna say it again-- I love all the white helmets that you made. Every one of them.