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  1. They're nice, but the only thing is on the sidelines for Erie you used a different font from their actual logo, even though I'd argue it works still.
  2. Sorry, me being a Houstonian I was like Taj doesn't sound right. It's TAL's Hill.
  3. If you don't mind me asking what font did you use for the Blazers?
  4. What is the font you use for the standings graphics?
  5. Portland actually had a team, the Fire.
  6. That was certainly not my intention. I love CCSLC, it's a community of people that are just like me and I'll never stop being a member or checking it almost every day like I always have. I just saw a void in that it was a community that is just as large as any other subreddit but is not represented there, as well as seeing other similar subreddits fail. I definitely did not expect it to get as big as it has in such a short time.
  7. This sounds really interesting, especially me being a follower of the WNBA. If you need any ideas or want to collaborate I'd totally be up for it @mcrosby
  8. I'll definitely be following this. One thing, the WNBA doesn't use that V bottom tailor cut on their jerseys anymore.
  9. @Zeus89725
  10. Hey guys, If any of you are into reddit I created a new sub for sports design. Follow it at r/AthleticAesthetics. .
  11. Strake Jesuit, right. That's nice, I really like it.
  12. @Silent Wind of Doom I really appreciate you doing the WNBA. Have you considered doing the past teams? I'm a bit biased because my main team no longer exists. It'd be cool to see a complete league set, maybe even one for the league itself. I have a lot of knowledge about the league, if you need help with slogans or ideas for panels for the other teams I'd be willing to help out.
  13. Not sure if it exists online, but I wouldn't mind seeing this full body version of the horse from the WNBA Dallas Wings. EDIT: I found a version from the actual agency that made it, not sure if you could get any other versions of it.
  14. Tweet with comparison: