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  1. Bowl Game Wallpapers

    Hey, Tyler's back.
  2. NBA Changes 2017-18

    Just now seeing the new Washington G-League team name, but imagine this; when they play Memphis' team it will be Hustle vs Go-Go.
  3. 90s to Now Series

    Only seven of the teams? Just wondering.
  4. *Updated with New Logo* College Intramural Franchise

    I just have to say that I always wondered what IM teams would look like with actual identities and not just the same colors or campus rec-issued pennies. Especially considering I was thinking about doing something like this if I started an IM team. Nice work. My favorite is the highlighting of the 106 in the name. I'd say maybe use yellow in the sun on the new logo since you have a history of using yellow, and maybe add it to the gradient in the wordmark, if not just a littie.
  5. Minnesota Timberwolves: NBA Concepts by honeybadger

    @honeybadger you mind me asking what font that is for the Magic?
  6. NBA G League Court Concepts

    So you have all the other fonts?
  7. NBA G League Court Concepts

    They're nice, but the only thing is on the sidelines for Erie you used a different font from their actual logo, even though I'd argue it works still.
  8. Your Ideal MLB Ballpark Outfield

    Sorry, me being a Houstonian I was like Taj doesn't sound right. It's TAL's Hill.
  9. NIKE x NBA

    If you don't mind me asking what font did you use for the Blazers?
  10. Western League Baseball (3/8 - Texas Comets)

    What is the font you use for the standings graphics?
  11. Portland actually had a team, the Fire.
  12. New Subreddit for Sports Design

    That was certainly not my intention. I love CCSLC, it's a community of people that are just like me and I'll never stop being a member or checking it almost every day like I always have. I just saw a void in that it was a community that is just as large as any other subreddit but is not represented there, as well as seeing other similar subreddits fail. I definitely did not expect it to get as big as it has in such a short time.
  13. This sounds really interesting, especially me being a follower of the WNBA. If you need any ideas or want to collaborate I'd totally be up for it @mcrosby
  14. New WNBA Team Concept Art (Boston)

    I'll definitely be following this. One thing, the WNBA doesn't use that V bottom tailor cut on their jerseys anymore.