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  1. The UFL Project – #3 Motor City Mustangs

    I am hoping to see Austin Lonestars to remain alive rather than changed. But seriously these works are good! Only my 5 cents thought here, I would suggest Pirates to add an outline on the logo to make it pops on the helmets. So it would be good for TV viewing
  2. NBA 2K18 Custom/Rebrand Teams

    I liked the vegas, although i 'd rather a white uniforms and the alternate uniforms should be that hot pink uniforms with the same design. If you did that, then you are golden
  3. NBA 2K18 Custom/Rebrand Teams

    Gotta do the Spirits of St. Louis and Buffalo Braves! They are needed. For Anaheim Amigos, i always vision the colors to be teal, red, and black.. almost as Vancouver did when Grizzlies were there for short while
  4. The UFL Project – #3 Motor City Mustangs

    Whoa.... i have been trying to look up for UFL series but seriously this is awesome...... love the Bobcats looks! Keep it up!
  5. Kansas City Royals Circle Logo

    Put in the whilte outline on the crown same as the "Royals" then you got it.
  6. NFL “Gridiron Gals” Logos (22/32)

    Using Floridan orange instead of shinny sun. Brilliant move
  7. NFL “Gridiron Gals” Logos (22/32)

    Now that's one sexy Cowgirl!!! Lol
  8. Albuquerque Invaders -- For NBA 2K18

    Thanks! For the uniforms, I will do that along with a basketball court as well.
  9. Albuquerque Invaders -- For NBA 2K18

    Hello all! This is probably the first time I have posted an artwork which I made for @nashbeat after he requested for a create-a-team in the NBA 2K18 video game. It is just for a small fun project which I feel that I should show y'all the work I made. I kept it simple and should looks strong. The team colors are simply -- alien green, purple (same color as LA Lakers for the bold look) and black. I used initial name of "ABQ" which is short for the airport on any uniform let it be on road or alternative uniforms and it is more of inspiration toward to Phoenix Sun since they did with "PHX" as its short name on their uniforms. Also for one of the secondary logos, I took in an idea with 1994-1996 inspiration of Houston Rocket's basketball logo with its rocket turning around it. It actually worked so well than I had thought. Let me know on how y'all like it or not! C&C here please!
  10. NBA/Nike by BigBryArab (Nuggets & Heat)

    Kings... i am not sure how to say it but it would need more works to maks it better. And try to keep the same colors they currently use
  11. NBA/Nike by BigBryArab (Nuggets & Heat)

    Seriously the Pacers and Nets on home/away sets are alot nicer, plus you kept it at how Pacers represent the city's most famous track with front's team name/numbers and back checkered style. Nice works there
  12. haha 75 bucks, wish it was today's price for the Super Bowl games. BUT it is ridiculously higher every year! the 40th Victory Bowl ticket is nice and simple
  13. FC Barcelona Rebranding

    I agreed with Zeus, it is alot modren but still using its classic look. A very sharp work there, buddy! Keep it up
  14. NFL “Gridiron Gals” Logos (22/32)

    I gotta admit that this series is alot fun
  15. Lil' Vikings NFL Youth Logo Concept

    i wondered about Bears, Jaguars, Bengals, and Lions. they all should be cubs. keep it up dude. For the Viking kid, try to have other one with a smile?