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  1. JMtexan09

    Pro Football Guild of America (PFGA)- Carolina Added (4/10)

    Hahaha This is close as this one from Eyeshield 21 manga, one of the teams, Dinosaurs.
  2. JMtexan09

    Feedback on new logos please

    I liked the bottom left logo with Deer in the circle. Both of them (Colors and One Color) are too good to pass up. Just a suggestion, try to enlarge the stars a bit more. However you could try incorporate the idea of putting both Lion and Deer in one logo. Make it looks as medieval animals on sides or inside the shield.
  3. JMtexan09


    huh that is a hockey stick's blade in the middle of the state of Pennsylvania but suggestion on the league logo just need better improvement. It is hard to tell with that much of blank area where the blade is originally. Keep working on that as others would say. Stags logo - good start but would like see how the uniforms look like. Overall, great start and keep on working!
  4. JMtexan09

    NFL Logos by MCrosby - PROJECT COMPLETE

    Holy.... that is perfect for LA Rams team, they should have that as their monogram for uniforms and others. That clearly is the best one you came up with, Crosby!
  5. JMtexan09

    Atlantic Schooners CFL Expansion

    This is too good a logo to be passed up. This is a great start to present this work for a new team. I am looking forwardto see how the uniforms look like!
  6. JMtexan09

    Bowl Signatures Episode 6: Return of the PNG

    Love the TCU helmet!
  7. JMtexan09

    PK80 College Football

    Just my five-cents thought, Oregon should do a yellow or white out uniform with green numbers/wordings then it should be visible to the TV since it is black numbers/wordings on green might be tad difficult to see
  8. Expansion teams..... i am voting for Indianapolis and Salt Lake City..... lol. But it is up to the expansion council.... just if I were a multi-millionaire, I probably would force hands to get these team..... (sighs) that is a dream. Lol
  9. JMtexan09

    The UFL Project – #3 Motor City Mustangs

    I am hoping to see Austin Lonestars to remain alive rather than changed. But seriously these works are good! Only my 5 cents thought here, I would suggest Pirates to add an outline on the logo to make it pops on the helmets. So it would be good for TV viewing
  10. JMtexan09

    NBA 2K18 Custom/Rebrand Teams

    I liked the vegas, although i 'd rather a white uniforms and the alternate uniforms should be that hot pink uniforms with the same design. If you did that, then you are golden
  11. JMtexan09

    NBA 2K18 Custom/Rebrand Teams

    Gotta do the Spirits of St. Louis and Buffalo Braves! They are needed. For Anaheim Amigos, i always vision the colors to be teal, red, and black.. almost as Vancouver did when Grizzlies were there for short while
  12. JMtexan09

    The UFL Project – #3 Motor City Mustangs

    Whoa.... i have been trying to look up for UFL series but seriously this is awesome...... love the Bobcats looks! Keep it up!
  13. JMtexan09

    Kansas City Royals Circle Logo

    Put in the whilte outline on the crown same as the "Royals" then you got it.
  14. JMtexan09

    NFL “Gridiron Gals” Logos (27/32)

    Using Floridan orange instead of shinny sun. Brilliant move
  15. JMtexan09

    NFL “Gridiron Gals” Logos (27/32)

    Now that's one sexy Cowgirl!!! Lol