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  1. Wow they got the exact number of Rays fans in that pic😄
  2. Wow look at all those Bulls fans before jordan
  3. Post 1000
  4. Always liked seeing notre dame in gold, and also count me in on liking Villanova's unique jerseys from the 90's that set them apart from other double blue teams
  5. This is literally the greatest thing I've seen all week
  6. It needs more brown
  7. It's surprising to see @Gothamite love a Brewers look that isn't the ball in glove
  8. Is Marlins park using blue walls instead of green walls or is it just for the world baseball classic?
  9. Took the words right out of my mouth @Go Red Sox!would you consider doing an update of the Brewers glove logo
  10. When was the last time the Browns have a first or second round pick in the draft turn out not to be a bust?
  11. I see Kansas is playing to march expectations
  12. don't ever change cleveland browns
  13. With the Brewers wearing these jerseys so much I bet the Brewers next year will have their cap logo becoming the primary
  14. I always thought the Brewers should've expanded on their fan jersey from 2012