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  1. Great concepts all around on the southeast how about using the streaking sun minus the basketball on the Suns helmet
  2. I'm not really feeling the current numbers with the Dino logos and it might be good to consider their original color scheme i'm glad you got around to posting these @mr.nascar13
  3. I always wished the Bulls would take their Twitter profile photo and use it as their primary
  4. It's really ironic that the Red Sox says they hate the Yankees, but dress exactly like them
  5. Looks like the celtics cleaned up their primary logo?
  6. NBA Crappy Competition, Crappy Jerseys
  7. The trail blazers font looks closer to this
  8. Speaking of the Blazers, their new logo has just leaked
  9. I think it might be like this because the white jersey has red shoulders
  11. I know the Cowboys are switching to the new template
  12. Have the packers upgraded to the new template?
  13. I thought we just got done talking about the similarities between this and the new bucks logo