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  1. TVIXX

    New Dish Network Logo Logo Font now matches the sling logo
  2. TVIXX

    An Alternate Universe's Los Angeles Lakers

    Now we just need a BFBS jersey and a get jersey that's devoid of purple that says "the republic"?
  3. Could we get a royal blue Brewers with the early 90's script
  4. TVIXX

    MLB changes 2018?

    Looks like the Reds have raised decals on their helmets
  5. Looks fantastic,could we see a version with the early 90's script?
  6. TVIXX

    MLB changes 2018?

    To continue the brew jacking the Brewers have made the m logo the primary
  7. TVIXX

    Freeform New Look

    Back to the logo it looks similar to monsters inc
  8. TVIXX

    Going Full Yankee: An MLB Series

    How about using the b from the road script in place of the o's logo
  9. Very nice profile picture.

  10. I just think the Hurricanes are too good right now
  11. TVIXX

    Sports Graphics Packages, Historically

    Espn tweaked their nba graphics
  12. TVIXX

    MLB: Project 32 - New Dugout Jackets Added

    You can never go wrong with the royal and yellow for the Brewers and the concept gives the Brewers the own look without looking to much the cubs you fixed the angry jays look, let's see how you gonna fix the mid 90's look
  13. TVIXX

    2017 MLB Season

    Brewers and Marlins series this weekend is being played in milwaukee