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  1.   I never made that connection. I remember the kid who was a goalie for Cedar Rapids. Looks like he has done quite well for himself. Awesome to see people we "know" be successful.
  2.   I did seem to recall him saying he was going to step away, take some time to mature and then come back. Looks like it actually worked.
  3. Our little spammy is all growed up!  *sniffle*   Also, props on the Buzzfeed style clickbait title. Sucked me right in.
  4. 2016 Open Wheel Racing Chat

    There will be closed cockpits in open wheel racing sooner rather than later, they just need to find the right solution that checks all the boxes.   I think a fighter jet style canopy would look pretty badass. The Mercedes designed roll-hoop design seems pretty clunky and not a very good long-term solution.
  5. WWE Fastlane 2016

    Personally I feel like it would have made for a more interesting storyline if Roman had come back to the ring and won the Rumble, causing controversy because he wasn't in the ring for the entire time which gave him an advantage, blah blah blah, Authority is pissed, Triple H sends goonies (ie League of Nations, Lesnar) after Reigns 'til WM, rather than throwing Triple H as champion into the mix.
  6. WWE Fastlane 2016

    Also, given the Authority's current disdain for Roman Reigns, the writing is clearly on the wall, and the outcome is inevitable.
  7. Dribbble Invititations

      I'm on there too, MartinDesigned.
  8. Stolen Work

    These Royal Lion yahoos clearly don't care about stolen logos. Check out the logo they have on their uniforms (just above the ball).
  9. Toronto Maple Leafs Modernization Throwdown

    A couple of tweaks
  10. Toronto Maple Leafs Modernization Throwdown

    Like so?
  11. Toronto Maple Leafs Modernization Throwdown

    Here's my concept.
  12. Colorado Avalanche alternate logo

    Did you create a dupe account to defend your own work without looking like it's you?
  13. Colorado Avalanche alternate logo

    So did the OP copy the Colorado concept he likely found via Google search, or did he go straight to the source with the Jazz logo? I'm betting on the former.
  14. Colorado Avalanche alternate logo

    This is StPatty33's concept from a decade ago that you added some mountains to. It's not cool to try and claim other's work as your own, especially around here, because you WILL be busted and called out. Edit: I think I found your mountains too, so there's nothing original about this concept.
  15. Teams named for Brands

    The Oshawa Generals are named for General Motors who have their Canadian manufacturing facilities in town. At one point their jerseys said GM right on them.