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  1. Raptorman415

    Coop paints the CFL (2/10:BC Lions)

    I was just thinking about this thread and decided I would finish it. Starting with the long overdue, redo version of the BC Lions. I changed the helmet logo to the paw print and that's pretty much it. Next,the Calgary Stampeders. Went with the grey because it looks better. The shoulder stripes are somewhat of a throwback to the 1949 Stamps. Next, The Edmonton Eskimos Thought my team would look better with more stripes like how it used to be before the adidas rebrand. Next, Hamilton Tiger-Cats: A Labour Day Special jersey Personally I think it would be fun the Ti-Cats had two helmets. That's half. I'll post the rest when I have time so stay tuned.
  2. Raptorman415

    MLB: The Defunct Saga - San Diego Reds Added

    The San Francisco Giants of San Jose baby!!!
  3. Raptorman415

    Minnesota Amateur Hockey League - 1954 Final

    All of the teams in this league look amazing and now I’ve got a hometown team to root for in La Crosse. Should crack open the worlds largest six pack to celebrate!
  4. Raptorman415

    Coop paints the CFL (2/10:BC Lions)

    Howdy everyone, I'm with the the BC Lions I took a little liberty's with the Lions. I started with the 1964 look and put somewhat of a modern twist on it. I believe that the full lion on the helmet was a cool concept, just poorly executed for the Lions. So here is BC. BC Lions All pants and jersey's are interchangeable. C&C as always
  5. Raptorman415

    Alliance of American Football - Team Names and Logos

    Were away uniforms confirmed? Will Orlando have a color jersey? My favorite look belongs to Memphis. Might have to buy that jersey to be honest.
  6. Pluto Won? Far out...literally. I was pulling for the Vulcans though, I absolutely love their look.
  7. Raptorman415

    Coop paints the CFL (2/10:BC Lions)

    Hope everyone had a good weekend. I've taken some time to listen to you guys/gals's advice and changed the green to the original shade. Here's what I'm considering the final version/update to everyone's favorite CFL that doesn't exist. (All Parts of uniform are interchangeable with one another) Anyway's, next up are those Big Cats from British Columbia.
  8. Raptorman415

    Coop paints the CFL (2/10:BC Lions)

    I took the primary colors from Trucolor and worked them around in the uniform. Maritime Blue was the primary according to the site, Nautical Brass was secondary, and Silver was tertiary. I used Silver as a helmet color because no team uses it so I thought it would be something new. I've taken all of your suggestions into consideration. Which do we all think is best? 1, 2, or 3 I hope everyone enjoys the Grey Cup tonight. I know I will.
  9. Raptorman415

    Coop paints the CFL (2/10:BC Lions)

    So I took the Seahawks color scheme and added it to the current set and I gotta say, this is the way to go.
  10. Raptorman415

    Coop paints the CFL (2/10:BC Lions)

    Welcome and Enjoy! I'm a huge CFL fan. With the Grey Cup this weekend, and the unveiling of the newly named Atlantic Schooners, I thought it would be a good time to unveil what I've been working on for quite some time now. Using this site,Trucolor.net, and fan opinions, I tried to put together how I believe the CFL would look if I were in charge...and could only use paint. I start alphabetically, with the Atlantic Schooners. Atlantic Schooners Thanks to @BenjiJ for cleaning up this logo. The Schooners have just been announced as the team name for the new team set to play in 2021. Flashback to a couple of months ago while I was on and off while working on this project, I took the color codes from Trucolor and logo of the original team and put my spin on how the failed attempt at bringing football to the Atlantic Coast of Canada would look today if they had played. Uniforms: Home and Away: Alternates: I hope you all enjoy the beginning to this thread.
  11. This reminds me of this one thread on the OOTP forums known as the the United Leagues of Braeland. Like that thread, this thread looks amazing. Can’t wait to see how this one grows.
  12. Raptorman415

    Potential CFL Halifax Names

    They should be the Halifax Dreadhawks. That’s just me though
  13. Raptorman415

    Hardest City for Fictional Concept Leagues

    I’m having a tough time with two cities in my fictional baseball league right now. Houston and Seattle. Anyone have any team name ideas for these two?
  14. Raptorman415

    Baseball as Spain's national pastime

    You’ve peaked my interest with this idea. Can’t wait to see how this all unfolds.
  15. Raptorman415

    NBA 2050 - Southwest Division (9/1)

    ‘Bout to say I’ve seen that Mexico city logo before.