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  1. 2018 MLB Hot Stove Season

    Brewers trade away Keon Broxton this offseason for a relief pitcher. Sign back Swarzak and Walker. That's my predictions.
  2. History of the Baseball in America Association

    I said I'd be back. Next up: The North side Blue Birds New York Blue Jays Est.1994 Championships: 2 MRL Titles Owner: Javier Martines Jr. Rivals: New York Mobsters After the Whalers left in 1963, the Mobsters were the only team in the Big Apple. The Mobsters were on the decline ever since their five peat of the MRL East Division in which they didn’t make the World Series any of those years. So when the BAA had a four team expansion in 1994, they wanted to see if New York would embrace a second team.The BAA hadn’t tried a two team city situation since when the Whalers left for LA. A lot of people opposed to it, but more agreed to it. The owner Javier Martines Jr. named the team the New York Blue Jays. For the first season, the Blue Jays had to share a stadium with the Mobsters at New York Stadium while Dunkin Donuts Field was being built. The Blue Jays got off the hot start to their inaugural season, leading the East Division until the injury of the left fielder Dave Herman and Catcher Jose Caldana which happened within three days of each other. Caldana was trucked at the plate which put him out 2 months and Herman ran into to the center fielder Carlos Lopez. They dropped fast outta the standings ending up in last with one of the worst records in BAA history at 44-112. They made the playoffs in only five years of their existence when they finished first in the East and lost in the Divisional Round to the St. Louis Arches. Three years later they would make the playoffs again were they wouldn’t miss the playoffs for another seven years. Their lowest finish was third place in 2006 when they tied with the Clochers for second place and a wild card spot. Since 2007, the Blue Jays have missed the playoffs four times. This season, the Blue Jays made the playoffs by winning the East Division. A doubleheader on the final game of the season against the second place New York Mobsters was the deciding factor to take the East Division. The Mobsters and the Blue Jays both clinched a playoff spot but, the division was still up for grabs.Up by two games in the standings, the Mobsters went to the north side and took one game from the Blue Jays. The Blue Jays would get the last laugh and the division winning 8-3 over the Mobsters. Lead by All-Star pitcher and Triple Crown winner Colton Yarbrough, the Blue Jays look to take the MRL crown this year having beat New Orleans in the wild card game on Thursday thanks to a walk off home run of the bat of right fielder Sloan Brennan. With the Blue Jays having the highest run producing team in the BAA, the Blue Jays certainly can compete for the championship this year and years to come. The current Blue Jay logo has been used since their inception. There have been four uniform sets in their history. Now, the Blue Jays have just a Home and an Away, no alternate. The Home uniform script is simply just the word BLUE JAYS with a swash underneath it all in blue. Same with the road but, instead of it saying BLUE JAYS, it says NEW YORK in blue.
  3. NCAA Football Super Series

    2 Wisconsin teams! Can’t wait to see them.
  4. Uniform concept I made when I was 8

    Where can I find the template you use?
  5. History of the Baseball in America Association

    I have been thinking about returning to this for quite some time. I have created new uniforms for all teams and plan to comeback within the next few days as I am on vacation without my computer.
  6. FBS Concept Uniforms

    North Dakota State looked great in this thread
  7. Good to see Milwaukee on the rise.
  8. National Floor Hockey League

    Great work so far.This reminds me of that Dodgeball thread from awhile back.
  9. Packers said they will wear they're Color Rush uniforms against the Bears at Lambeau Field on Thursday...again....
  10. How/What do you use to get the results?
  11. 2017 CFL Uniforms

    Hamilton should get rid of their yellow pants. Black pants make their uniform look better.
  12. When do you think the AFA will play international games? To like England or Canada or Japan.
  13. Road Gray vs alternates: All-star game

    How about what the Triple A All-Star Game did this year and just have a jersey with the leagues name on them.
  14. 2017 CFL Season

    That Eskimo game was incredible last night. Mike Reilly to Zylstra for 76 yards and then the kick to end it. Very Aaron Rodgers like last night from Reilly and Duke Williams with an impressive first CFL game. The defense played great, looking forward to the rest of the season.

    Glad to see the SCAA back on the forums! It was fun the first time around. Hopefully my Wisconsin State French can make a comeback in this sometime in the future.