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  1. Raptorman415

    Hardest City for Fictional Concept Leagues

    I always seem to use the Buffalo Bolts.
  2. Here’s to hoping Milwaukee can make a run this postseason!!
  3. Raptorman415

    Negro League Teams in the Present Day (Indianapolis Clowns)

    Loving this series so far! How many teams do you have planned?
  4. When this reaches present day, will you set up a team uniform history for each team on the blog?
  5. Raptorman415

    Hardest City for Fictional Concept Leagues

    Newark is a problem for me. Mainly because Devils is just to good of name for a New Jersey team and I wanna be original.
  6. When did they announce a team in Milwaukee?
  7. Raptorman415

    Uniform/jersey misunderstandings

    Whenever I wear my Albuquerque Isotopes hat I always get the,”is that the Houston Astros?” One time, I was wearing my Edmonton Eskimo Jersey in a Cracker Barrell and an old man came up to me and asked if the Packers where gonna win the super bowl that year. I had to inform him that it was a CFL jersey.
  8. Good to see the Wolves might finally make it back to the Victory Bowl. What's that patch on the Wolves jersey mean?
  9. Raptorman415

    NBA 90s series(LAL, NYK, ATL, DAL, ADDED)

    Far out Amigo.
  10. Raptorman415

    The XFL may be making a comeback

    The No Fun League vs the eXtremely Fun League. I'm glad to see that the NFL finally has a rival.
  11. The London Jaguars...That is all
  12. Raptorman415

    Edmonton Polar Bears CFL concept

    Good looking concept. I say make the Bear look meaner like Nanook, the Polar Bear mascot they have.
  13. Raptorman415

    City/State Color Identities

    I suggest Edmonton, The 6, and Washington D.C
  14. Bad: Wolves get dooped and miss the playoffs. Good: Wolves Record was over .500 which makes me formally impressed.