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  1. The new college basketball season is upon us today and it's time to start the road to Glendale for the Final Four. Here's the media preseason top 25 for the sake of starting this thread up neatly AP Top 25 RK TEAM RECORD PTS 1 Duke (58) 0-0 1,612 2 Kentucky (2) 0-0 1,479 3 Kansas 0-0 1,476 4 Villanova (4) 0-0 1,465 5 Oregon (1) 0-0 1,343 6 North Carolina 0-0 1,314 7 Xavier 0-0 1,167 8 Virginia 0-0 1,149 9 Wisconsin 0-0 1,135 10 Arizona 0-0 1,004 11 Indiana 0-0 917 12 Michigan State 0-0 903 13 Louisville 0-0 755 14 Gonzaga 0-0 699 15 Purdue 0-0 672 16 UCLA 0-0 540 17 Saint Mary's 0-0 512 18 Connecticut 0-0 504 19 Syracuse 0-0 464 20 West Virginia 0-0 360 21 Texas 0-0 250 22 Creighton 0-0 231 23 Rhode Island 0-0 199 24 Iowa State 0-0 168 25 Maryland 0-0 144
  2. Clearly nothing was more EXTREEEMMEEEE than hockey
  3. god, I just remembered how many good ones of these Regular Show had. This was all in the same episode no less.
  4. DON'T @ ME
  6. The Islanders' news is covered, which means while one arena deal looks to be heading in the right direction... .....HERE COME THE COYOTES
  7. (didn't read the above replies about The Show adding all the style guide uniforms, disregard)
  8. Count me in among those that wouldn't want to see the NHL go in a 4 jersey direction. The NBA's way too much of a mess with their out of control alternate system. Unless the NHL decides to come up with a throwback weekend where everyone plays one game where they're in throwbacks, keep it at 3 with the exception of the outdoor game jerseys. Oh, and also keep the darks at home.
  10. Ignoring the obvious political PR about the Islanders and Hartford today, some new news about our favorites and
  11. I like it a lot. It's a lot better than the sans-serif they've been using for... well, I think going as far back as when I was applying there and all the way through my time there to today. Gives SU a unique look and I think also works better for the university's brand with it being an older, northeastern, private school
  12. Well well well well well
  13. Granted you've got to take anything Mangano says with a grain of salt... as per Newsday Islanders discussed possible Coliseum return, Mangano says But yeah, I'm not too too worried with the options on the table. Cuomo's been pushing to get that Belmont site built up as part of all his public works projects, Flushing might be an option on the table to try and keep that LI-outer borough bridge going, and I've always felt the Coliseum would still work out even with the smaller capacity (it is quite a bit smaller than MTS Centre's capacity, but I felt that Winnipeg's made the small arena approach work out nicely so they probably could do the same here)
  14. Bumping because we might have the first apolitical meme of the year on our hands
  15. Growing up in New Hampshire as a little kid I always thought it was really confusing that the Trail Blazers played in the Western Conference if they were in Portland, Maine
  16. Important Honky Updates -It's now a truck -Sparky the Dragon now hangs out in the truckbed
  17. Steelers vs. Patriots Packers vs. Falcons
  18. It's amazing how much use I get out of these two
  19. Seattle vs. Atlanta Houston vs. New England Pittsburgh vs. Kansas City Green Bay vs. Dallas
  20. One of these things is not like the others
  21. Oakland vs. Houston Detroit vs. Seattle Miami vs. Pittsburgh NY Giants vs. Green Bay
  22. You know, that Simpsons Yourself thing from when the movie came out 9 years ago. But alrighty.
  23. Buffalo vs. NY Jets New England vs. Miami Jacksonville vs. Indianapolis Houston vs. Tennessee Oakland vs. Denver Kansas City vs. San Diego Baltimore vs. Cincinnati Cleveland vs. Pittsburgh Philadelphia vs. Dallas NY Giants vs. Washington Tampa Bay vs. Carolina New Orleans vs. Atlanta Seattle vs. San Francisco Arizona vs. Los Angeles Chicago vs. Minnesota Green Bay vs. Detroit