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  1. MLB changes 2018?

    mod edit
  2. NHL 2017-18

    Preds uniforms looked pretty good tonight in that bogus freebie win
  3. NHL 2017-18

    Is it possible, or has anyone tried yet, to remove the adidas button from the front of the fan authentics?
  4. NFL 2017 changes?

    Teams are allowed to wear color rush uniforms during non-Thursday night games this season. Off the top of my head, the Pats and Cowboys are doing it, as well as several other teams. Is it possible that was a color rush game for the Jets? Thus allowing the facemask change?
  5. NHL 2017-18

    Has anyone attempted to remove the Adidas button from the bottom front of the authentics?
  6. NHL 2017-18

    From the Golden Knights twitter account. Looks like white gloves are for the road uniform only.
  7. NHL 2017-18

    I went at tried on the new Flyers jerseys last week. Anything that was a size 46 or lower had a smaller logo. The Rangers jersey here appears to be a 46 if you zoom in on the inside collar.
  8. NHL 2017-18

    Watching the Canucks right now. The way the bottom stripes contour to the cur of the jersey really make it look like the jerseys have straight bottoms while the players are in motion. Big upgrade over the Reebok tail in my opinion.
  9. NHL 2017-18

    The adidas socks will all be cut resistant.
  10. NFL 2017 changes?

    What if a player that wears an old model gets traded?
  11. NHL 2017-18

    I mean the curved hem is not ideal, but I'd take this over the awkward looking tail that the Reebok jersey created. Ultimately, I wish they'd go back to a stright hem.
  12. NHL 2017-18

    Countoured stripe works wonders for the Flyers jerseys
  13. NHL 2017-18

    Looks like the only Fanatics branding on the replicas will be on the front (hopefully still removable) jock tag.
  14. NHL 2017-18

    It's possible they used generic red pants and navy gloves just for the photoshoot. Have to wait until the season starts to see if they actually made changes there.
  15. NHL 2017-18

    Is there any reason we haven't seen Edmonton and Nashville's away jerseys yet?