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  2. Monochrome matchup. Ugh. Should have been a vice game.
  3. Looks like that jersey answers its own question haha
  4. I'm hoping for a Kings black, purple and silver throwback. Those were my favorites. I hate the current set.
  5. I miss the crowd noise and the playing to the fans, but it's kind of crazy how the game itself is pretty much the same. There's less showboating, but the run of play is essentially the same as it was pre-quarantine. The fake crowd noise is generally pretty good too. Yes, it's weird we're tricking ourselves during quarantine, but I don't mind. It's high level basketball with great presentation on my TV. And some of the new camera angles that, although gimmicky, are fun too. I love basketball, that's all.
  6. Teal is an especially weird color. I've never heard it referred to as powder blue, but I have seen it used in place of turquoise. The point I'm making is that sometimes the distinction of colors is often pointless. Not for the purposes of dorks like us, but for normal humans that don't give a :censored:. I recall a post that once showed that the "scarlet" used by one school was the same as the "cardinal" used by another. While shades of colors matter to us (dorks), it may not mean anything to normal people. Maybe one of us should become president and make these distinctions law since anybody can have that job.
  7. Do not be shocked if the Rock names a team the Bulls
  8. Habs lose! The dream is alive.
  9. It’s more like “teal” and “sky blue”. Two related colors, but with a distinguishable and specific difference. Teal is light blue with a bit of green added, and Athletic Gold is yellow with a touch of red. People may use “teal” and “powder blue” interchangeably in conversation. Which is fine, people can be casual sometimes, but it doesn’t mean that the terms don’t really mean what they really mean.
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  11. I've been watching it all season. It's pretty decent. The Titans were pre-picked this year and contestants fought to take on the Titans on Mount Olympus. Joe Thomas was the only one to make it to the regional finals as a Titan, the rest had to try to beat the people who beat them and became the Titans.
  12. I feel like not enough people are talking about this right now anywhere, this potential "fourth jersey-modified throwbacks" program thing. I remember Michael Russo of the Athletic referencing plans for this program in an article a while back (I swear I posted about it here when I saw it) and this is Icethetics' blurb on it from their JerseyWatch 2020 post where they say they have sources confirming the program. I'll go back to Reddit for the second time in two posts here, so again mileage may vary, but there was a comment about an eggplant version of the Wild Wing jersey in connection to this rumoured program. This could all just be baseless rumours (and COVID could have thrown a wrench into it if it is true) but it's still something I think is newsworthy.
  13. That was me. This is all from a Reddit comment I saw from someone who says they have an in with the Ducks organization, so you know mileage may vary, but IIRC, The Samueli's like the orange jerseys The players don't really like the orange jerseys (with no indication if this is due to the logo, the orange or anything, just that they don't like it for some reason) The players were the ones to choose going with the black jerseys in past playoff appearances when the orange jersey was an option However, the players were big fans of the 25th anniversary jerseys To be fair to the Ducks, all third jerseys were quietly removed with the switch to Adidas and I don't remember much fanfare surrounding any of the teams who just decided to bring back the alternates that they had been wearing immediately prior to the Adidas switch.
  14. I dunno, I subscribe to the #BringBackBlasty campaign, myself. Calgary is a town known for rodeos and the Stampede, so a horse secondary works rather well for them.
  15. Yeah other than the numbers, name tag, shoulders, and helmet, that pic looks pretty good
  16. This is our first look at the new Rams set on an actual human being, with more coming soon apparently. I think we can all agree that they at least nailed the color scheme.
  17. This is the first time I have heard of everything you just said.
  18. She actually started as his agent/manager AFTER they divorced.
  19. The guy managed to take the "The Tooth Fairy", and make it turn a $64-million profit.
  20. The Rock is a huge movie star, no doubt. His TV success -- which is most similar to XFL -- is a little more mixed. The Hero debuted in June 2013 and was canceled that August. Wake Up Call launched in December 2014 and was done in January 2015. I was shocked to see The Titan Games get picked up for a second season; I don't watch it and haven't heard anything about it.
  21. Fast and Furious turned from dumb and boring to dumb and amazing when he came on.
  22. Rampage, San Andreas, & Skyscraper were probably his biggest gaffes, but even those at least doubled their budget. The man cannot lose.
  23. Truth. Not a big "movie guy" -- but has Rock even had a major box office flop?
  24. How I feel about basketball being back right now
  25. Not news, but a well done photoshop of a Buccaneers x Devil Rays uniform
  26. The early 2000's was a different time. I hate saying that, but it was TWENTY YEARS AGO. I'm dying. Because of the passage of time I mean. I feel my life leaving my body.
  27. I've been saying for years that one of the American political parties (guess which one) should do whatever it took to get him to run for POTUS in 2020. Nobody doesn't like the Rock, and even his past homophobic quips and simulated violence against women couldn't hold him back.
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