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  2. Seattle Kraken does sound like a new MiLB team in the PCL.
  3. Seattle Snot Otters would still be better than Seattle Kraken.
  4. I honestly really like that TCU set, it looks good, they used red pretty proportionally, and it’s a good shade that compliments the purple and black. They also made it know. It’s the tertiary color, black and purple still dominate the uniform so you know it’s just accents that are red
  5. I think you mean St. Louis Bread Co.
  6. I honestly really like that TCU set, it looks good, they used red pretty proportionally, and it’s a good shade that compliments the purple and black. They also made it know. It’s the tertiary color, black and purple still dominate the uniform so you know it’s just accents that are red
  7. Now we head a little further north up the coast for the New England Conference. Our first school is the University of Dover. Up until 1996, the team was known as the Indians. They re-branded to the Flyers inspired by the major Air Force base in Dover. They were originally a member of the ECC, but switched over to the New England Conference in 2003. Although they use the silver helmet and pants for most games, sometimes they will wear all white as well, even at home. University of Dover Location: Dover, Delaware Type: Private University Founded: 1914 Major Rivals: Norfolk, Raleigh
  8. I love just about everything New Mexico United is doing. They have a great fan base, share an awesome park with their baseball team, and are run extremely well out of the gate. That being said, they make Sac Republic look like the Yankees. Unless, like, Mark Zuckerberg decides to purchase a pro soccer team in the bidding Albuquerque market, it’s not ever going to happen.
  9. Or no other fan bases participated.
  10. If there’s anything I like about it, it would be the helmet. Otherwise the rest is unnecessary. +1 for retaining the same design elements in the alt so it feels more cohesive with the new set instead of it being random.
  11. That is a great logo and I would have expected nothing less out of Paris.
  12. You've mentioned this a couple times on here, so I'll bite. I'm incredibly impressed with what New Mexico United has accomplished in one year. I think it would be a remarkable success story were that club to make it to MLS and that fan base would absolutely support it. But I'm just speaking sentimentally. There's almost zero chance it happens. The next rounds of expansion will carry fees north of $250 million. I don't know who would make that kind of investment in Albuquerque, which would become the league's smallest market by far. That said, pay attention to what they're doing down there at New Mexico United. They've built the foundation for something really special down there. It's exciting to see.
  13. Unique? They are doing what every other team has done since 2010. They’ve ran out of ideas and are now just stuck looking like everyone else since they’ve caught up.
  14. My expectations are pretty low, so I don't know that I have a huge worst moments list. Seattle losing to the Pats in the Super Bowl sucked, but at least the Hawks won the year prior. It sucked because 1.) the Seahawks were once up two scores in that game, 2.) Marshawn should have run it and 3.) goddamn Patriots. It sucked when that dork on Glendale's city council compared a bunch of hockey owners to dead firefighters in order to keep a failing hockey team in a failing location instead of moving to Seattle. I don't want or need the Seattle Coyotes in my life, but the opportunity cost there was not kickstarting Seattle's arena-building process. If the Coyotes had moved in here in 2012/13, a new arena would have been built by now. I think that's really it. The Bills will never be an NFL power and I wasn't paying attention during their run in the early 90s. I've seen the Sounders fall apart in the playoffs multiple times, but they won it all in 2016 and that's still pretty awesome. Syracuse basketball has had some near-misses, but they won in 2003 and it was awesome. And my basketball fandom is too mercurial (i.e. tied to players instead of teams) to really have a gut-punch loss. TL:DR - the Patriots can suck an egg.
  15. Most of us think MLS will eventually grow to 40 clubs but I'm going with a 36 club alignment. 3 conferences with 12 clubs each. Top 16 make the playoffs by record. Seeded 1 through 16 in a single elimination tournament. EAST Toronto Montreal New England NYCFC NY Red Bulls Philadelphia DC United Charlotte Atlanta Orlando Tampa Bay (only if Rays sell) Miami CENTRAL Austin Dallas Houston Kansas City St. Louis Minnesota Chicago Indianapolis Nashville Cincinnati Columbus Detroit WEST Vancouver Seattle Portland Sacramento San Jose LAFC LA Galaxy San Diego Las Vegas Phoenix Salt Lake Colorado
  16. There’s not enough contrast between the orange and red and I think it brings all of it down tbh, maybe try a darker red. The shade of pewter you chose also seems a bit off, maybe darken it as well
  17. The other issue I have is the schedule. Why not start after March Madness? This way it gives football fans 6 weeks off after a long NFL season to possibly watch football again.
  18. I was pleasantly surprised when the Milwaukee Bucks announced their new uniforms back in 2015. Easy on the eyes with distinguishable wordmarks, numerals and a very much minimalistic direction. Nike has since its NBA deal back in '17 have pushed a minimalistic/clean approach for each team even though the rebranded Bucks first appeared under previous contract with Adidas. Since then there has been some small revisions to the uniforms, for the better if you ask me. While I actually enjoyed the green and red(way too bright) uniforms the Bucks wore, the rebranded uniforms are by far an admirable upgrade. Now, I am not a fan of cream. One of the reasons why is that cream isnt too far off gold; basically reminds me too much of the amazing St Patricks uniforms the Celtics used to wear(this excludes the sleeved jersey amboinations). The other reason, which is by far the most valid one, is that the usage of cream appears very much off white. I understand the “Cream City” association and it is very clever but the colour just gives off this passive and nostalgic feeling which I don’t really care for in general. As the majority of fans were beyond pleased I kept the cream for these concepts. Then we arrive at the colour choice of blue. I can understand it as blue represents the rivers of Wisconsin and Lake Michigan but it clashes very much against the whole - even though it’s a tiny part of the makeup of the uniforms. Black also felt out of place so I removed both blue and black from the equation. I remember reading the piece ESPN made on D&C way back and it mentioned that the designers were not able to use the preferred green they wanted as the deadline simply came to fast. Inspired by this quote, I have made the green a bit darker - more forest-y if you will. As I have removed blue and black, I needed a replacement colour. If you have read my previous posts, you would be very much aware of my opinion that the NBA is oversatured with too much of the same colours. I went with brown - a colour which I have yet to see in the NBA. I feel it was an appropriate choice of colour as it reflects Wisconsin’s forest and woodland, only adding to the Bucks brand. I flirted with the idea of drop shadow but it ended up looking a bit too much like the Sixers/Lakers for my taste. I kept the status quo wordmark colouring on the association - for the icon I've made it cream with brown outlining as I felt the original icon typeface was too bright. The side panels are kept in place, only replaced with brown and slightly rearranged for the association and icon. I also complemented the side panels by filling out the side pattern on the shorts to give the uniform a continuity since it looked empty without something there, inside the piping. Another thing I did add was logos on the belt buckle - hit or miss I guess. I wanted to put the Buck logo inside, unfortunately the resolution took a great hit so I abstained from it. The statement edition is just a simple recolouring of the 2017 edition. Brown dominates the uniform with cream and dark green contrasts. I think it looks kinda cool. I’ve also reversed the player name and numeral on the back as I thought it added a little pop to the uniform. I don’t mean to offend any Bucks fans on this site but the slogan “Fear The Deer” just doesn’t work for me! I’ve been on quite a lot of hunts in my life and under no circumstance has a deer ever felt intimidating to me. The new Bucks logo is fierce, wild and focused - almost like a beast, like Eikthyrnir. I really wanted to add a different slogan above the jock tag to reflect this. The replacement slogan came to me while binge watching Game of Thrones. House Baratheon uses a stag as their sigil and their slogan is “Ours is the Fury” and I just thought it was a decent upgrade from the current one. All comments and criticsms are greatly appreciated! Milwaukee Bucks Association Uniform Concept Milwaukee Bucks Icon Uniform Concept Milwaukee Bucks Statement Uniform Concept
  19. alternate timeline, Expos modern day 2019 World Series contenders
  20. Seattle Slammin’ Salmon.
  21. When the Astros were in the NL Central, they were with three other teams in the Central time zone, and the other two teams were in the Eastern time zone. It's easier to watch a game that starts at 6 p.m. Central time (the time most games played in Eastern time zone start) than games that start at 9 p.m. Central time (the time most games played in Pacific time zone start). I'm sorry, but when a team triples the amount of games it plays in a time zone two hours behind the one where the majority of its fans reside, it's not an improvement for the fans of that franchise. I don't really care about what's good for baseball when the team I care about is playing 17-20 road games per year at 9 p.m. back home. Throw in the fact that I enjoyed the Astros playing the Reds, Cubs and Cardinals more than I enjoy them playing the Angels, Mariners and A's. If the Astros had to move West (again, not ideal), I would have preferred they stay in the NL. At least then, they would have been playing the Dodgers, Padres and Giants. I don't even care about some supposed rivalry with the Rangers. Both teams have to be good for that to matter in a state where football reigns supreme. Both teams have been good once in the same season (the Rangers were the better team from 2013 to '16, the Astros from '17 to present). But I'm an old guy who misses the playoffs consisting of only division winners and who doesn't like the designated hitter. So don't mind me.
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