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  1. Yep, it's a real shame. The NFL is worse off for having such little variety in materials.
  2. More original thinkers. The Chargers need their own thread, mods.
  3. But do those lines make sense if you trace edges from the L, R, M and S? Does it end up looking like “sun rays” or something?
  4. Looks better in practice than on paper. It's a lateral move, I guess.
  5. And by, "about 5 dozen" I mean three. But still.
  6. This has been posted about 5 dozen times in this thread. Stop posting it. Stop it.
  7. I keep thinking that render says, "WHORE HOUSE"
  8. The ram head is fine. The LA swirl is alright. The crux of all of this will be the uniforms. I don't think people will care as much about the rest if the helmet and unis are traditional.
  9. wOULdld an orANGee facemasSK WORr?K Neendsmore OANRAGE heRES my CONceptpt with ORAeng creamselcele is BETTER
  10. “We’re going to provide a nutritious blend of nutrients and minerals without skimping on the thick sugar coating and fruity flavors that kids have come to love.”
  11. Blatantly photoshopped, but *shrug*.
  12. Those feel more like shipping stamps than a logo. I love that style of monogrammy thing, but it's not what I would consider appropriate for the Browns. I think what the Browns need is to do one or a combination of things: PRIMARY MARK - For hats, emblems on jackets, etc, go with a side-profile of the helmet or a script C. SECONDARY MARK - "Browns" script wordmark TERTIARY/MASCOT CRAP - Embrace the duality and have both Brownie the Elf and some sort of stupid bulldog
  13. Just embrace the goddamn elf. If the Padres and Brewers can glorify a beer barrel man and a swingin' friar, Cleveland can embrace the elf. It's asinine. Don't wrap your arms around this stupid generic B or C.
  14. God bless cream. That com elf (my phone autocorrects “concept” to “corn elf” so I’m leaving it) is glorious. I’m gonna quote it again. Look at that creamy goodness. Lap it up.