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  1. The ESPN logo is better than the bleacher report one, that one doesn’t have enough heft to unify the NY logos. I’ve always been partial to the old helmet logo, too bad they discontinued it.
  2. Bucks in 4 Celtics in 6 Raptors in 5 Sixers in 6 Warriors in 5 Rockets in 5 Nuggets in 7 Thunder in 6 Bucks over Celtics in 6 Raptors over Sixers in 7 Warriors over Rockets in 5 Thunder over Nuggets in 6 Raptors over Bucks in 6 Warriors over Thunder in 6 Warriors over Raptors in 5
  3. The home had too many outlines. The navy Away was way better I do wish the Warriors included some International Orange in their upcoming set, though I don’t think they’ll change from the Bay Bridge to the Golden Gate Bridge
  4. Watching the current Warriors wear jerseys that were synonymous with scrappy& mostly plain crappy Warriors team is really weird. Especially considering that they are throwing back to less than 10 years ago, Steph actually wore this style. Really want to know what the process was for this. There’s been 0 leaks, the Warriors have a different ‘classic edition’ and they’re not even going to profit off them!
  5. Livingston FC’s Tony Macaroni Arena, nicknamed the Spaghettihad.
  6. I’d put Dynamo in the amalgam section. Traditional European name but with North American city/nickname conventions. Union and MLS hopeful Republic could also make a case for the amalgam section. I don’t think teams adding SC/FC to their nickname really matters, 95% of the time the team is referred to with the nickname. Chicago Fire is one of the better original MLS nicknames, and it would be a shame to see it go. However embarrassed MLS might be of its early days, the traditional franchises should be celebrating their history, not trying to jump on the bandwagon to try to reboot. As I’ve said many times, there’s a vast assortment of international football names if MLS thinks it needs to gain legitimacy with international fans that dismiss it. There’s no need to fossilize on United, City and plain FC. Inter Miami was a positive step in this direction. FC Cincinnati 16 or Angeleno FC would have spruced up the league more than the same old naming conventions
  7. It’s really good! Pacific FC and Valor FC are the highlights for me. And every single team clearly paid attention to detail. My only nitpick is that Edmonton and Halifax look a bit too similar with only a difference in the lighter blues. I wish one of these had gone for stripes or hoops
  8. They’re definitely some of the best work Nike has done in the NFL. Other than the collegeish wordmarks on the chest and helmet, I think the worst downgrade about this uniform is the leotard look. The helmet is not at all the direction I was expecting. Number font is is good but clashes badly with the wordmarks. Green is a huge upgrade.
  9. They’re not bad at all. However I can’t help feeling that it’s a downgrade over what they previously had, and a big downgrade over what they should have done, which was switch the previous jersey to a lighter green. The wordmark on helmet+big wordmark on chest combination is painfully college. The BFBS will surely be overused. They might just be the second best Nike redesign after the Vikings though
  10. Well that was unnecessary. And not done particularly well either. It they wanted to minimally modernize the old logo they should have just removed the football and changed the Serif NY to the Italics NY. I don’t like the J being the same height as ETS, the New York on top makes it even more complicated, and the football is completely useless now that the logo is football shaped
  11. Didn’t explain myself clearly, but I love the gold strictly in relation to the crest. Was actually surprised looking back at their kit history that they don’t seem to have worn a white coq as their crest until the roborooster was used and Nike then switched to the classic looking one
  12. They’ll probably have to change the banner when Bosh will be inducted in the Hall of Fame Those Olympics banners are dumb too. No reason for the “HEAT” to conduct themselves like a gimmick organization when they’re the most storied of the post-ABA merger teams
  13. Yeah, the gold is gorgeous. Could even develop it like Japan does to differentiate the men’s and women’s team with the men with the gold and the women with rose gold. plus the crest looks so much better with the FFF in the rectangle instead of the little bit of ground and the floating letters
  14. The banner at 0:16 seems to be xxxxx champions New York undreadable team name script It’s pretty hard to make out but the first letter of the unreadable team name script doesn’t seem to be a C We also see a gray cap with a black bird logo in the opening shot and several gray clad fans, lending credence to grey being a tertiary color