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  1. Pretty good, Love the font. Seems like Olympic logos are on a generally upward trajectory from the absolute nadir that was hit with the 2012 London logo
  2. The shot clock above the free throw line TNT is using seems very unnecessary when there already is a shot clock on the scorebug and another behind the basket. Just creates visual clutter EDIT: added picture
  3. There’s some really good ideas here that need some smoothing around the edges. The plane is simply too boxy, and the Space Needle looks like it was made with Tetris, but i love the needle/oval/jet composition. Smooth it out a bit and it could become the best Sonics logo. I think most of the “nickname city” jerseys are silly, so I’d drop Jet City, although I think you’re onto something with the contrail/wordmark tail. Like the double green but I would also try to put some yellow back into the jersey, green/white is a Celtics thing and the Bucks have already done the various shades of green.
  4. That script and split blue/red trim? At this point I’m actually hoping they sell exclusively blue and exclusively red gear
  5. Not a Great take, tbh. Comparing protesters of an oppressive regime that suppresses free speech, universal human rights and democracy to neo-Confederates who’d like to bring slavery back is a gigantic intellectual Leap. The defense of national territorial integrity at the cost of people losing human rights from someone who has repeatedly brought Forward the idea that national teams are bad because they promote nationalism sound a bit hollow. The majority of Chinese considering the period of colonialism as a humiliation has absolutely no bearing on the 7 million citizens of Hong Kong who might believe that the British colonization period left a lasting Cultural imprint of liberalism that is at odds with mainland China, and thus want the Chinese government to respect the terms of special administration that were agreed in 1997. And nothwistanding Joe Tsai’s statement that claims to speak for 1.4 billion people, the protesters have by and large been adamant that they are not separatists who want a Revolution, but simply want to maintain a level of autonomy that was guaranteed to them, as well as requesting increased democratic rights, which would hopefully spread to the mainland, instead of the oppression in the mainland spreading to Hong Kong
  6. Real question here is why in the world were the Lakers wearing short shorts in the height of the baggy shorts era. Did they not produce bigger sizes to help with the throwback feel?
  7. I’m not even a big fan of the the Flo-Jo look, but this is an upgrade. Those gimmicky circular wordmarks need to be ditched
  8. 1. Sixers 2. Bucks 3. Celtics 4. Heat 5. Raptors 6. Pacers 7. Nets 8. Bulls 1. Rockets 2. Clippers 3. Jazz 4. Nuggets 5. Lakers 6. Warriors 7. Kings 8. Blazers Conference Finals East: Sixers over Bucks West: Lakers over Jazz Finals: Lakers over Sixers MVP: Joel Embiid ROY: Zion
  9. The money is being provided by the fans who will buy this
  10. Nothing says DC quite like ‘Look at the new statement, it’s barely different from the old statement’. Appropriate, in a way
  11. It’s being referred to as a third shirt, but Puma has shown they will push an alternate kit as a primary for an international break. I expect Italy will unveil a blue one before the March break and then a white one in May and these will be forgotten. That color combination is beautiful though. Would be great for the Seattle NHL team if they wanted to put a new spin on the traditional PNW colors
  12. I thought the NBA’s original statement was bad, but the Chinese version said hold my baijiu At least we won’t have to hear about how woke the billionaires who own the NBA are compared to the billionaires who own teams in other leagues anymore. Great open letter by the Nets new owner about how he values free speech but not when it’s about China
  13. I’ve never been a fan of the Bulls pinstripes, but these are absolutely beautiful. Might be the best Bulls black jersey ever
  14. I really like the graffiti stars, great spin on the ABA Nets look. I do wish the grey was darker, closer to the previous Statement, and that number sorely needs an outline
  15. Really great series, you managed to make each team feel completely unique in style and identity despite all being designed by the same person. Have no idea how this slipped by me until now