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  1. I figured there wasnt but I couldn't recall any examples, and knew you would be the one to know. State has since confirmed they will be in all-white earlier today.
  2. Its West Virginia's 'Gold Rush' game and Neal Brown said they're wearing gold so I presume they will go Navy/Gold/Gold... what does that mean for NC State? Not sure what the mandate is on gold vs white with regards to being different enough, I presume one of the 3 main pieces at least will need to be red?
  3. As a Canes fan, it's a massive step over the old roads. Like them a good bit, though as mentioned elsewhere itt I'd go back to our inaugural kits in a heartbeat.
  4. Its become abundantly clear to me that 98% of people don't understand what "clean" means. Nothing with full body camouflage would ever qualify as "clean". As a Wolfpack fan, I truly think they've ruined what was a perfect look in 2017. If they lost the camo on these I wouldn't hate them, but I'll also never care for oversized helmet logos. On another note - good stuff, UA.
  5. Sport Garnet and Gold with an emphasis on neither color - uniforms will be mono white, anthracite, obsidian, and black.
  6. Yes, a Willie Taggart led uniform revolution screams "back to basics!" Careful what you wish for.
  7. While I like the Sunday cream throwbacks, I'd prefer they throw it all the way back to these. Additionally I'd like to see a throwback road kit, or styled this way - with a more old-school flannel looking grey fabric. 2nd example (Better look at grey flannel color) Lastly, while I'd prefer they get rid of the all-blue cap. IF they keep it to wear on the road, I wouldn't mind the road uniform to revert to a navy colored script - or an alternate where this is possible. At least, Lord willing, that blue alternate will have some color beaten into it. I presume we're gonna see 5 different looks - there are a lot of acceptable ways this could go, hopefully they don't find a way to ruin a great look.
  8. -Number Font -Absurd Piping Its merely worn out its welcome imo. It isn't special enough to be considered a classic - its just very of the time. Much like the Bengals, and the prior Seahawks set. Just time to move on - or in the Falcons case, back. Break it down and simplify.
  9. Haha, you don't have to tell me that we're 2-5 in non-preseason contests (2-3 blue socks, 0-2 black socks) wearing them - only wins coming over the Bucs and Jets. 4 out of the 5 games in this awful streak have been mono v mono too. It's just so frustrating that people freak out over them so much, and refer to them as the greatest uniforms of all-time because of a stupid fan vote contest. This is just such an obviously superior look in my mind. The thing I will say for all of our mix and matching this year, is I do like the white pants paired with the blue tops. Everything else has been putting different sets together just for the sake of doing it. S/B/S, S/W/W, S/B/W is how it should be in my mind. I guess it could be worse, but still - disappointing.
  10. Its really starting to set in for me that the Panthers are never going to wear silver pants again. Uniform overhaul and a complete removal of silver from the identity is likely on the horizon. We've worn (including socks) like 9 different combos this year but can't be bothered to wear our best one. Whatever, this season sucks - might as well look like trash while we're playing like it.
  11. I cannot separate The M with the Marlin logo from the Brewers' M logo in my mind.. Too much black, but an upgrade - I hated that last set.
  12. NCSU going with their big game look White-Red-Red against FSU Gold-White-Garnet I love when FSU switches up to the garnet pants, can't remember the last time they did this - I don't recall them ever wearing it under Jimbo. Hopefully the Nike matte pants won't ruin them. (The Louisville G-W-G look doesn't count)
  13. The first and likely only step toward accomplishing this would be firing Petrino.