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  1. Michigan State really snuck these under the radar. They busted out black unis against Northwestern (and lost).
  2. Michigan state going with a revamped helmet for their game against Ohio State. MSU is taking their neon helmet, removing the neon Spartan head and replacing it with a white one. So it’ll have a non-tapered helmet stripe and green face mask. Their normal helmets have a tapered stripe and white face mask. Will post more pictures throughout and after the game.
  3. Michigan State with a new lid to honor George Perles
  4. This is what I’d ideally like to see from MSU
  5. Call me colorblind, but those are absolutely dark blue and not black
  6. Yes lmao. I made my account well before I was in college. Funny story. Both my parents went to Michigan and me and my sisters went to State
  7. I’ll say this forever. Especially as a MSU alum, the current “STATE” always bothered me because of the “T”. This would be such a huge upgrade. They should replace the current “STATE” with this. They should also change the current “SPARTANS” to this new one. Also here’s their new road jersey.
  8. I really really like this idea. The stripes, which has ties to the old Lions logo, is incorporated amazingly. Personally, I’d like to see this same set but with the current lions font. Also a gray Jersey with blue numbers and white NOB would be cool. Great work!
  9. Were there leaks or anything of what would’ve been this year’s 4th of July gear? I haven’t seen any. I’m assuming MLB and Nike/New Era will just use this year’s for next year.
  10. Are/were there any photos or leaks regarding the 2020 Fourth of July gear?
  11. MSU throwbacks
  12. Ya isn’t showing for me either anymore. I’ll try to fix it
  13. I just came up with a really quick and simple Reds logo with the “new” script and traditional C. Let me know what you think!