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  1. . I'm not a big fan of the calligraphy-style script on the '80s jersey, but this modification seems like a good compromise. . I still think a good solution for the hat dilemma would be to use a re-colored version of their new batting practice caps. It would fit with the '80s theme and incorporate the Batterman logo which is part of this logo set but does not currently appear on any of the uniforms.
  2. . I agree about the red. It's the only color I would ever want the Sox to consider adding to their current look. They wore it heavily in the '50s, '70s, and '80s.
  3. I appreciate that you want to emphasize the '80s, but it's a shame that you moved away entirely from pinstripes. The ChiSox pinstripes are one of the cleanest looks in MLB today. Right now, this set looks like a combination of only two eras: the '80s with the '90s-present day colors and script. Given the South Siders' long and diverse uniform history, it feels like you're glossing over several decades' worth of interesting and iconic uniform designs. First off, if you're going to use the '80s uniform as the template for the entire set, you're really limiting the number of eras you can incorporate into the concept. I think you should do what you did with the Astros' tequila sunrise pullover and have the '80s uniform be a home alternate or something worn only for select games. The pullovers are nice, but the black one is just too much. If you must have the calligraphy-style "Sox" script on the chest, you should enlarge the "o" and "x" so they don't look lowercase next to the "S." Currently, it's throwing off the balance of the whole jersey. The Olde English "Sox" script is classic, but if you tweaked it just a bit, you could incorporate another era: '71-75. The angles of the letters differ just enough that the change would be obvious to the trained eye. The interlocking diagonal "Sox" logo should make an appearance somewhere, IMO. Some iteration of it has been worn every decade since the 1930s but the '80s. You could even use the current (or mid '70s) "Sox" logo with the bat and ball from their '32-35 logo. I agree with TheGiantsFan in that you should probably have a road set with "Chicago" on it. Given that you've embraced the white/gray/black scheme, this would be the perfect opportunity to give them a road gray with cursive white script a la the '69-'70 set, which sounds strange in concept but looks great in practice. Lastly, I don't think the horizontal "Sox" script looks very good on the cap; a sock or even just the "S" would make for a better logo. Or, if you decided to use the cursive "Chicago" script from the aforementioned '69-'70 set, you could give them a cap with a cursive "C" logo, and in doing so incorporate an element from yet another era, '87-90. Another possibility for an alternate cap would be a version of the new batting practice cap they debuted this year, which would fit the '80s theme you're running with. Having said all that, I do like the St. Patty's alternate. The white socks and flying sock logo are great to see, as well. I see one logistical problem, though: With the '80s-inspired stripes that stretch across the sleeves of every uniform in this set, where would the flying sock logo actually appear?
  4. . One idea I had for the Royals is to take their new road alternate and break up the letters of the "KC" logo by putting the "K" on the right breast and the "C" on the left to mimic the style of the KC Monarchs uniform.
  5. That's because they proved their detractors wrong and ironically embraced it. I wouldn't recommend it for the Mariners as long as they're going to keep being no damn good. Hahaha...touche.
  6. The White Sox are by FAR the team I am most interested to see, but you probably knew that already!
  7. Very nicely done Rangers set. My only nitpick is the lack of the Texas flag, but it's not a necessity.
  8. Can't believe you're nearly 2/3 of the way through the entire league. It's been a joy to follow this series.
  9. If the star/badge is a cut-out out of the "R," then it makes sense the baseball stitching would appear behind it.
  10. Glad to see you're keeping the badge logo. I like the second one; the first one might be too busy. The last one looks good but I wouldn't want you to drop the badge imagery entirely. Could you try moving the star in the second one down and to the left a bit? Something about it looks off-kilter as it currently appears. EDIT: Just saw your updated fourth option and I REALLY like that one. I was actually going to suggest you try that idea out.
  11. Those are certainly unique. I could get behind that look. Any plans for what you might do with the Rangers?
  12. MUCH better. The silver M/trident looks great. For the Rangers, all I ask is that you utilize the cursive "Rangers" script from their late '80s uniforms and I'll be happy.
  13. The first one looks much, much better. That's a huge improvement. The upside-down trident needs to stay. Without it, the concept would be about 90% their current look with the other 10% being the old school jersey script. As for the symbolic meaning of the upside-down trident, I believe a "white elephant" symbolizes something that is an expensive, unprofitable burden, but no one seems to be bothered by that being the A's logo.
  14. I like this Mariners concept (and you did exactly what I hoped/predicted you would by using their current colors with their classic uniform) but I'm not a big fan of the color combinations on the caps. Could you try the blue hat with the teal brim but make the "M" on the logo white? This would look especially good on the blue and teal alternates as the white "M" would complement the white script on the jersey.
  15. Awesome update. I think I have an idea what you might have planned for the Mariners, but I'd rather wait and see.
  16. I like the yellow with the elephant badge. I think if the two home alternates switched colors then the whole set would seem less like a 'combination of eras' and more like an assortment of select uniforms from over the years set alongside each other.
  17. Nice, tasteful A's set. Love the yellow alternate with the elephant crest--very creative.
  18. This is one of the reasons I hope you incorporate the 1983 uniform into your White Sox concept. The jersey has seen a remarkable resurgence in popularity ever since the Sox started wearing it as a Sunday alternate last year, and the throwbacks were so well received that they've become a permanent fixture in the team's wardrobe. By all accounts the uniform wasn't very popular when it was originally used (certainly not amongst non-Sox fans) but you're likely to see just as many fans sporting the '80s look as their current look at games these days.
  19. Could you explain your design process with this project, David? Do you try to focus on incorporating the uniforms that were most popular, the longest-lived, or just the ones that appeal to you most?
  20. It's amazing how such a subtle tweak can completely change your opinion of a design. I'm sold on the new cap logo now.
  21. I'm going to echo Veras' thoughts here. I do like the logo for what it is, but I think the original "A" logo looks a lot better on the caps.
  22. Brilliant! I do miss the "a" logo, but I understand your not wanting to use it. Awesome job incorporating the halo hats, too.