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  1. Found this jersey at Champ's the other day. A really sleek look for the White Sox and one I wouldn't mind seeing on them someday.
  2. Beautiful work! Love the Captain America Rangers set (You even used "Rogers" as the name on back ). The big "TX" on the road set is unexpected but really bold and cool. Looking ahead to future entries, I'm excited to see that you'll be doing the Red Sox vs. Braves. I have a few ideas for your Brewers/White Sox set...If you don't mind I'll message you my thoughts.
  3. Could be really fun, what with the many different looks the Sox have had over the years (including shorts ).
  4. As a Chicago native I'm amused that the "Jays" script strongly resembles the Jays potato chips logo. Any thoughts on doing a Brewers-White Sox set, Discrim?
  5. Amazing! That Leafs-inspired jersey turned out even better than I could have imagined. The split-script was an inspired idea. Beautiful work! Here's hoping you do the Lone Star Series next! EDIT: I was thinking, since you're now doing a series of former/defunct MLB rivalries (not counting the Rangers/Astros, I guess), you know what would be a great one to tackle? White Sox-Brewers.
  6. I think that if you felt there wasn't much you could do with the Rangers, you could have tried reimagining them from scratch like you did with the Twins. Still, this is a significant improvement over their current set which is pretty boring, as you said. Way to bring back the cursive script!
  7. This one? It was a Sunday throwback in 2001. No, the one I'm talking about has the arched "Chicago" wordmark on the front (a la their 1976 unis) but the uniform is cream. It's a similar style to the second jersey pictured in my initial post. It's definitely nothing the Sox ever actually wore but is very derivative of their early 1900s and mid-70s looks.
  8. Theres another White Sox fashion jersey that I see frequently at games but which I've been unable to find any pictures of online. It's a variation of their early 1900's jersey but cream with navy lettering and some red accents. Beautiful jersey.
  9. I'm wondering if anyone has seen "fashion" uniforms in public or for sale that you find preferable to or at least just as good as that team's actual uniform. I've seen a charcoal gray White Sox home uniform in stores that I think looks fantastic. Here's the best photo I could find: I also really like this one:
  10. I'm not sure whether it was intentional or not but the red stripes and circles in the White Sox design remind me of the signs for the CTA Red Line (which leads to U.S. Cellular Field).
  11. These last few concepts are some of the best you've done yet. How did you choose that wordmark for the Sox concept?
  12. The wheat stalk stripes on the sleeves are great!
  13. The Cubs looked great in their Chicago Whales throwbacks today.
  14. Nice! However, I feel the use of black is unnecessary. Also, are my eyes deceiving me or is the purple you used really more of a magenta?
  15. Uni-Watch reporting that the White Sox will be wearing 1976 throwbacks for a game in late July.
  16. Good update for the 'Stros. Better than what they currently wear. Can I ask how you determine for this series which teams get a full-on reimagining (i.e. Colorado and Minnesota) and which get only a minor tweak (such as Houston)?